Isn’t it ironic? (another blast from the past – of sorts)

Posted on May 24th, 2008 @ 12:52 in Uncategorized

In December 2005 I wrote a pretty long letter to Charlie cuz he was in Canada and I was bored at work and stuff. In January 2006 I fell out with him (for the first time) so never sent the letter. In May 2006 we started talking again and I intended to give him the letter but couldn’t find it, so figured I’d probably thrown it out, and forgot about it. (incidentally I got a mail from Charlie the other day – only a short reply to a mail I’d sent him in a weak moment some months ago. I am bravely ignoring it. so far)

So anyway, today as I was going through my old posters I found the letter. This was from the last days I worked at IBM and there are some pretty funny passages, which I shall quote for your amusement as much as my own. BTW apparently during those days I mainly slept at work :)) (this was over the Xmas bank holidays so it must’ve been fairly quiet).

I was just on the phone to someone and he asked me to conference someone else in and I tried & didn’t manage (as usual… damn phones), so I said to Ann-Louise “how the fuck do you conference someone in on this thing?” – totally forgetting that I was back on the line with the original guy!! *rofl*
I just had a user on the phone… see some people seem to be getting the afternoon off… anyway after I was done with the call I went “God I thought they were all going home now?!” then heard “no we’re not!” & realised she was still on the bloody line!! LMAO I really should be more careful!

Indeed. *snigger* Those were the days at IBM.. and now I am one of the “users” and get phonecalls from Amex customers instead. And get paid less money for it. *lol* But also work less hours a week. 😀

Right, back to sorting out my flat now… maybe pics later of my “all done” bedroom and stuff. Ben’s also supposed to come round this weekend to check the rest of the stuff that needs doing. Not that long til the party now. :-n

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