Paaaris, forever Paris

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Hello, quick travelogue instead of working… *lol*

Friday I arrived, had lunch with mum and cycled (in a very complicated loop *lol*) to the Philharmonie to see David Bowie is…, which was interesting enough, but very crowded. Then I went to the Lindt store to buy delicious white giandujotti. They are so divine they should be illegal. Then dinner at a Crêperie, stroll, bed.

Saturday I decided to check out French Aldi. The nearest one was in Clichy, so I cycled there, which was pretty fun (did you know the Rue de Rome near St Lazare is full of music & instrument shops? Luthiers!!), and explored a number of supermarkets and bought some stuff. Then because I was near I went to the Puces de St. Ouen, where I swear I hadn’t been in over 15 years, but they’re still exactly the same. Theeen I wandered around the centre for a bit, visited the I Vélib’ I Can Fly exhib (and bought a print), had a look at the Fête de l’Europe on the parvis de l’Hôtel de Ville, then the Fête du Pain on the parvis de Notre-Dame (OMG ridiculously delicious pains au chocolat!!!), then some more essential shopping (books!). Then went to see Pierre Bonnard at the Musée d’Orsay with mum, which was… hm yeah, okay. Then dinner at Le Petit Zinc, which was really nice despite crap Yelp reviews.

Sunday we went to Giverny – finally – and it was really lovely and beautiful, despite the masses of (other) tourists there. Sooooooooo many flowers! The waterlilies weren’t in bloom yet (well, there was one), but it was still very recognisable and magical. Photos: one | two | three | four. The train ride back was a bit of an overcrowded nightmare. *lol* Then dinner at our standard Italian, where we found out that 1. “our favourite server” is actually the owner and 2. he’s off on Sundays. *lol*

Monday was bike – park – bike day. My route is here and the parks visited were Georges Brassens, Tuileries and Monceau. I also cycled past the Eiffel Tower to see some trees in bloom (meh), and went to see Philae replica on the Champs. Oh yeah, and I rode through 13-14-15-16 arrondissements to make up the full set, again. Personal pride of mine. *lol* Also ran into Berlin Wall Street Art exhibition outside Gare de l’Est (where I’d gone to drop off my luggage cuz Gare du Nord was evacuated when I got there *lol*). Anyway, parks were goooorgeous. Paris was loooovely. Sunshine everywhere! Yay. I 😡 Paris, yes I do. Even if I can’t go back until my Miaow dies, now. *cough*

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