Rooooome in the sun!

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The Clarissa Travelogue continues… tho this will be a short one. You’ll find photos here, and special Cimitero del Verano set here. But do read on!

This was a Placebo trip, and my second “adult” trip to Rome (first one here). I originally thought I’d cycle, but turns out their bike sharing system is defunct, so I ended up walking. 75km in total over 4 days. No public transport at all except to the concert. The weather was super, except Saturday morning where it rained, but wasn’t so bad cuz still very hot.

Random bullet points:

  • I decided not to queue for Placebo at all. This was okay, I liked my spot (Italians are short! *lol*) and there was still enough dancing going on to enjoy myself.
  • Finally visited Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine (had been as a a kid, but not 2010). The Romans were kinda nuts. (Ils sont fous, ces Romains!) Why did they need such big houses / palaces? Okay, still smaller than the Louvre or Versailles I guess. Still megalomaniacs tho.
  • The ticket queue at the Colosseum was INSANELY long, I reckon 2hr wait at least. But because humans are remarkably stupid, they (mostly) don’t realise they can get the same (combined) ticket at the other two venues. I waited maybe ten minutes at the Palatine. 😐
  • I really liked the upmarket Nomentano area, and the Villa Torlonia gardens are the best!
  • Actually, that’s a lie. The very best was the Verano Cemetery which was just 5 minutes from where I was staying and is truly amazing. Hence a special photo album dedicated to it. I went every day! 😀

Thus bullet points. Generally still much impressed with Rome – it ain’t no Paris, and yet I found myself missing it once I was on my way back (long, tedious way back with a flight that was three hours late). I spent less than €100 in total which I’m pretty chuffed about. Tho I was a bit sad I couldn’t go to a different restaurant every day and have pizza or pasta. But I made up for it by having tons of chocolate (well, only the first two days, then I pulled myself together).

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