Pariiiis in the sun

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So I don’t really have to log these here anymore as I log them in my journal app, but somehow the blag would be incomplete without them. Even as I try to declutter my real life, my hoarding instinct survives online. =))

What I can do however is just copy/paste my journal entries into here! 😀

Paris yeah!!! Got up eeeaaarly after not much sleep. Caught train.
Met mum. Went shopping and bought LOADS at Desigual 😮 then
went to my flat. Then Carrefour, some sitting in Parc Georges
Brassens, cycled into town & met mum. Dinner at Italian. Walked
around lots. Watched end of Fra-Swi match (5:2!), cycled home. Ate
a lot of shit but I’m on holiday 😀

Sunshine day!! Started with Musée Marmottan Monet
(impressionists from private collections). Then visited various parks,
ate yummy stuff in each of them and read:
– Luxembourg (éclair framboisine & cappuccino)
– Buttes Chaumont (nectarines, raspberries, Mikado, orange juice)
– Monceau (muffin, water)
Cycled 50km around all of Paris in the process. Ate more shit later
lol. Dinner with mum of course (entrecôte). Was fête de la musique
(which was loud and very crowded).
Oh and I sketched (badly) in the Luxembourg 🙂 and I’m sunburnt. Of course.

Headache 🙁 From waking up, got worse throughout the day.
Saw Van Gogh + some permanente (Impressionism) at Orsay (was
ok), then walking + lunch with mum then was almost 4pm!! Cycled
to Champs Élysées for 24h Vélib’, did 15 rounds. Then again to Parc
Monceau. Then dinner with mum then home earlyish to eat LOADS
OF SHIT. *lol*

Still headache but bearable. Started lazy – lie in, sunbathing /
reading at Parc Georges Brassens, more reading at home. Only
went into Paris 2pm-ish. Cycled to HdV for Libération exhib (war, not
magazine lol), ran into mum (!), walked to Sacré Cœur & back to
HdV, from there bike home via 13th, 14th. Tmw 17th & I’ll have
done them all 🙂
I needn’t even mention that I ate loads of shit lol.

Alright, no more excessive eating. Last day in Paris was spent
sunbathing, reading, cycling and walking. Mostly lazy tho. Was
pretty hot. Oh and I went to the Shoah Memorial for Rwanda and
Ghetto exhibs. Pretty depressing – unsurprisingly.
Trip home was crowded but ok. More eating! 😀

In summary I can say it was amazing weather and I got a fair bit of cycling done, being with mum was kinda tiring (but no arguments), and I went to every arrondissement (in fact my Monday entry lies, I’d already been to the 17th by then on my way to Parc Monceau). I like it when that happens. 🙂 My knee unfortunately did not like walking. And still doesn’t, tho I am doing much stretching. *hmph*

The End.

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