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Posted on June 2nd, 2014 @ 11:42 in Uncategorized

A lot of pretty disparate thoughts and I’m not sure if they’ll make a good blag post, but since I’ve not written in here in a while I’ll give it a try.

Like yesterday for instance. I can’t even remember what specifically set me off but I was walking down the street and saw something “British blabla” and thought “ugh”. (It was some ad in the form of “buy this cuz it was made in Britain / made for British people”.) And for some reason I then remembered how as a kid or teenager I used to love Britain so much and dream of living here, at that time thinking of course that it would never happen. And this made me sad – that I no longer have that enthusiasm and wonder for the country I chose. I should perhaps attempt to see more of the positive, and less of the negative, and if anything, try to help change the country into what I’d want it to be. Because having looked around in my re-emigration search, I’ve come to the conclusion that there really isn’t much better around anyway. Scandinavia, that’s it. But they’re even colder than here. Most days anyway.

Bloody people tho. People in general. Humans. I don’t feel much love for them these days. I’ve given quite a bit of thought to the mess we’re making of the planet – pollution, climate change, overfishing, destroying the Amazon, big agri business, non-sustainability… I mean all it basically is people not thinking beyond the immediate future. “Why should I, now, have to make sacrifices for some hypothetical long term benefit I may not even get to experience.” And also: “Why should I, rather than someone else, make sacrifices…” Some people say it quite openly, but most cloak it in denial and just stick their heads in the sand. Once you start thinking about these issues – about what we have done to the planet – you see more and more examples everywhere and you just get disgusted. It’s also so hopeless. We’re basically a force of evil and destruction. The greed! It’s just horrible.

This entry is now over a month old again and I never finished / posted it, so I’ll just put it online as is cuz it’s kinda embarrassing that I never update this anymore. Maybe I should just stop doing that altogether. But, but… my blag 🙁

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