Summer’s shaping up

Posted on February 14th, 2014 @ 18:09 in Uncategorized

Whenever I have deep thoughts they tend to evaporate before I make it to WordPress. Maybe that’s a good thing – most people don’t care and my thoughts are probably no deeper than anyone else’s. Instead, let me lay out my spring and summer for you… and also for myself, cuz I think I haven’t really made a list yet. I like lists.

  • 6th April: Brighton Marathon. This is really the first (and main) big thing. Everything before then is about the marathon – training, long runs and rest days, and in between I do a bit of working, playing, and eating.
  • 15th April: Mephisto tattoo. This has been a long time coming. Can’t wait!
  • TBC: trip to Luxembourg. I expect this will be late April / early May. I feel it’s gotta be done – not been since 2011 I think? A while. Some people have complained.
  • TBC: cycling to Paris. Eeeiiither over the spring bank holiday in late May or perhaps at the end of June, for better weather.
  • 15th June: London to Brighton bike ride. Been wanting to do this for years so this is the one! This isn’t that tough, mostly a fun thing.
  • 24th July: Placebo in Rome! Eeeeep!! Not seen them in Italy yet. 😀 I expect I’ll stay a few days cuz Rome. 😡
  • 16th August: Dirty Dozen Mud Run with Alisdair and mayyyybe J?
  • 20th August: Placebo in Mönchengladbach. I know, super-exciting location. But hopefully the Germans are less nuts than the French. Might go see K&T afterwards.
  • 6th September: Stilettos on Wheels race? Not sure about that yet, tho I did say last year I’d deeeefinitely take part this year. *lol*

Which pretty neatly takes us to the end of summer. Exciting stuff! What you are not seeing is a New York trip / Placebo gig. This maaaayyy still happen depending on whether they announce a date with enough time left. But I have actually reconciled myself with the idea of skipping New York this year (as I should really, cuz my normal NY schedule is every two years). Fact is, if I don’t have a £2000 trip depleting my bank account, I can bum about all summer instead (and possibly add some more fun stuff to the above list)! Let’s hope the weather plays along. 😀

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