Will this thing die?

Posted on August 13th, 2013 @ 23:26 in Uncategorized

Now that I have my daily journaling app (which I still use), I am less and less inclined to write in here. It’s all documented anyway. Here’s the short version: Work work work, work out, work work work, work out, never any time for anything at all, get worryingly close to nervous breakdown, quit job.

That was one job out of three. The most boring one, for sure, tho not the one that pays least. I’m still doing that one, plus the copywriting. But this is much much more pleasant. I even have time to be creative again. Well, I would have time. I’ve not actually done anything yet. Tho I did make a dress for Pride. This was great great great, I marshalled for… um, I’d rather my blog didn’t come up if they googled themselves. The Lesbians on Motorcycles, except it rhymes. Geddit? Anyway, they led the Parade cuz they traditionally do apparently (around the world, it was a first for Brighton) and OMG it was so awesome. Seriously moving and wonderful and amazing.

Ha I’ve just re-read my July journal and I sure was angry towards the end of it. 10hrs work a day does that to you. I can’t believe I’ve already been “off” my one job for almost two weeks, feels like three days. I’m still busy: last weekend I was in London, met my mother on the Friday and spent the weekend with His Alisdairness. We went for a walk on Saturday and pigged out at home on Sunday. I think I ate more chocolate in one day than I usually do in a month, and OMG I was sooooo tired all the frickin’ time. Quite fascinating. Oh yeah and meeting mum went ok. It wasn’t awkward and didn’t really feel like we hadn’t seen each other for nearly two years and I’d changed significantly in the meantime. I still need to reply to her email where we’re trying to work out stuff. Cuz that still needs working out.

This coming weekend I’m going to Portsmouth to hear Neil Gaiman and to see the Mary Rose (that’s a ship). I will cycle. At least I’ll try, I might catch a train half way through, who knows (also if it rains I sure as hell won’t cycle, haha). The weekend after that I’m going to Stockholm as previously announced. This is EXCITING!!! And then it’s all race prep! I’ve signed up for 2hr Stilettos on Wheels MTB race on 7th September, and the Bournemouth Half Marathon on 6th October. I’m currently semi-toying with the idea of going to Paris mid-Sept, but I’m not sure. I really wanna, but also really shouldn’t. But how could I only go to Paris twice this year!? HOW??? I don’t know. Maybe that’s part of the new me too. *lol*

Anyway. New me has written enough and will now retire to bed. Be good to yourselves and others!

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