I am quite impressed…

Posted on April 13th, 2008 @ 22:34 in Uncategorized

… with iGor’s latest Usage Statistics:
– 10 hours usage
– 4 days, 5 hours standby
Woo! He’s getting better and better! :]
*switching off Apple fangirl mode*
Right so there have been demands for updates.
Ok, there has been one demand for an update.

Don’t have any major drama to report for a change – woo! 😀 First off, I’ve cut, bleached and dyed my hair again (well I didn’t cut it, my nameless hairdresser did). You know, everytime I book an appointment he goes “I’ve forgotten your name…” and never do I say “oh yeah btw I’ve forgotten yours too, what was it again?” So I still don’t know what he’s called. :)) Anyway, I’m short and red again… picture on Facebook… ah yeah you don’t all have facebook uh? Well it’s on Twitter too. Tho that pic is so small you can’t see my cool green contacts which I gave myself on Taaz (fun site, try it out when you’re bored!).

Um what else was I gonna say… ah yes, my nan and I are speaking again – it was (inconveniently) her birthday just 3 days or so after our argument, so while I didn’t wanna speak to her, I did send her a bouquet. She called a few times to say thanks (I do not answer the phone at the moment due to mum etc) and eventually left a message, so I called her back on Friday and we ended up talking for an outrageously long four hours. Without fighting! Still not speaking to my mum obviously.

Oh I do have one thing to complain about! Bloody British Telecom!!!!! X( X( X( I spent hours on the phone to them on Tuesday (well mostly on hold). Can’t be bothered going through it all now and you’d most likely find it boring, but basically when I moved I looked into switching providers and the guy talked me into staying by offering me lots of free extras – incl. a freeview box – and now it turns out I can’t have the freeview box at all, this is never available for free! I had spoken to other BT people before Tuesday and those never mentioned that either! My only way of cancelling is in writing apparently and tbh I don’t know if I can be bothered. On the other hand I don’t know if I really want that guy to get away with downright lying to me!? (all the other things he promised me I also had to call up again to chase and turned out he hadn’t put down orders for those either!!) Maybe I’ll just write to them and ask them to investigate it – just to get rid of my anger or sth.

*ahem* Ok, with that out of my system… oh aye the other mildly annoying thing to report is that the RAM I ordered yet again does not work with my motherboard – grah! However the people I bought it from (smilentango, via ebay) have been really helpful so far so unless they screw me over further down the line I should finally have the correct RAM in a few weeks. *phew*

I am not too proud to report that I have done no work whatsoever on the flat this weekend. Still stalling and totally unmotivated. There is just too bloody much!!! I’m actually considering cancelling the flatwarming party too cuz I don’t know if I can handle all the stress that comes with it. Too many people, too many opportunities to ruin things!!!!! And I’ll have to have it all finished by then! Tho I guess if I don’t have that one motivator I’m just never gonna do anything. 😐

Ah well, looks like I managed to fit in a fair amount of moaning after all. On the good news side – the lovely Sara has sent her drawings to us (Vega and me – we asked her nicely if we could have some of her very cool drawings) so hopefully I will have them sooooon!!! 😀 Am very excited. Have also started working on sth for her which has been fun too. 🙂 Oh and I’m working on a new theme that will put Twitter updates (and Flickr pics) in the sidebar. It’s also green.

I am itchy. Must take an antihistamine. Goodnight!


Anne said on Apr 15, 2008 at 10:12 am

I am glad there is less drama going on and that you’re speaking to your grandma again.
I am not as lucky with my iPhone – it’s not even lasting for a day, the headphones broke yesterday and the wlan function hasn’t been working since December. LOL

Clarissa said on Apr 15, 2008 at 12:16 pm

:)) Ah yeah I remember you saying @ WLAN. You should get it fixed. 😐
I wouldn’t survive without it. 😛 (and the battery life isn’t so great atm – it’s odd, it seems to change from charge to charge)


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