OMG SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on July 20th, 2013 @ 11:19 in Uncategorized

I have a journal app these days. It’s called Day One. So I write in that every day now which means I have even less incentive to write in here, especially as I have like two readers. *passive-aggressive guilting* But I will try.

So. I got back from New York and then I was very very broke. So I’ve mostly been working since. Not crazy-mad working, but pretty steady working. Altho I have also spent some money. I met up with Kate and Derek in Southampton for instance. And I bought some bike gear and some more fun clothes cuz come on, I’ve lost 4 stone, I’m allowed. I’ve also done a fair amount of cycling and running and gymming. *lol*

Oh yes, and then it became hot. I mean, I honestly was completely prepared for another summer of shit weather and depressing cold, so this has been quite an unexpected and delightful treat. It’s actually overcast just now, which is a bit sad but I’m going for a run (with my new hydration rucksack) so that’s probably for the best. But yeah, I’ve been feeling like I’m on holiday for the past few weeks, despite the decent amount of work I’ve been doing, and that’s super-cool-amazing. I got myself a pretty nice tan (still working on it) and even went in the sea a few times, tho it’s still pretty cold due to the shit weather and depressing cold spring we’ve had. *lol*

Mhm. This weather and the enjoyment it brings has put my re-emigration plans on hold as well, tho they’re still not completely off the table. I wish I didn’t love Brighton so much, that would make it easier. I definitely don’t much love Britain anymore. But I have not yet found a definite place to emigrate to, so unless I get a Green Card I’ll have to think about it some more. I’m writing enough articles about holiday destinations, surely one of them will be the right one for me? *lol*

OK. I need to be off now, the South Downs are calling. Tarah!

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