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Posted on May 27th, 2013 @ 00:56 in Uncategorized

Yet another update? Yeah, cuz 1. it’s been aaages since I did a general “life” one and 2. I should be working so of course I am procrastinating. It’s what I do best after all!

So let me complain about the weather first (ok, maybe complaining is what I do best). Today was very nice and sunny, but generally the cold is just getting ridiculous. Like, seriously I-need-to-reconsider-that-emigration-idea ridiculous. Luckily I am off to New York in 10 days, where hopefully the weather will be more seasonally appropriate. It better be or else!

So New York. I am excited. 😑 I have a To Do List. I have also rented a bike for 8 (of 10) days, which makes it even more exciting, because OMG there will be so much to discover! I have decided (as you can kinda see from my To Do list) to be a bit more Brooklyn-centric this time, since I know very little of Brooklyn. I’ve been training for this so I won’t have a sore bum after one day, which means hopefully I can be out there every day, yay! I will also need to run tho – maybe twice? We’ll see. And I am definitely taking part in yoga classes this time (I’m staying at a yoga studio y’see). My suitcase will be full of fitness gear. :))

My life too is full of fitness gear. I’m still doing weekly PT with the lovely Pete, still running (tho the focus is kinda on cycling now cuz of NYC), and I also have a sports therapist (lol) to hopefully get those hips to co-operate. I think there is progress, tho walking is still a problem. Anyway, if she (sports therapist) gives her approval, I will register for the Brighton Marathon 2014. Which is kinda crazy, right – me, a marathon!? I always said I wasn’t a runner, even back when I was running previously. And I still don’t necessarily enjoy it… but I find it doable. Once I got past 5K it became a lot easier. And once I got past 10k I realised I could actually just… keep pushing, you know? When previously 42km would’ve seemed just hilariously impossible, now I’m just thinking “well, just gonna have to keep running for longer.” *lol* And it’s kinda awesome to feel like you would be able to do something like that. My body does what I want, dammit!

What else is there… shopping! I put pics of all the stuff I bought in Paris on Flickr. Did I also show you the cute H&M dress I bought? So clothes-shopping is fun again. Tho sometimes I see something and think “hm ok maybe I’m too old for that”. Which is a bit sad. *lol* The reverse of the shopping is decluttering – check out the massive pile I got rid of. Some of this stuff I’d kept for 20 years (so some of it would actually fit again now, but I was still never going to wear it *lol*). Now it’s all at the Mind charity shop on St James’s Street. Well, and some of it is in the bin.

And then there’s work. Well, there’s the money-work and then there’s all those other (mostly creative) things on my To Do list which I never seem to have time for. All I’ve done so far is a phone pouch. I do still work tho – got some more additional copywriting from Oldjob, plus the occasional project via PeoplePerHour. Which is nice, especially cuz I don’t have to do anything to get jobs, people just contact me. And of course the more feedback I get, the more people contact me. πŸ˜€ And some contact me repeatedly cuz I am so awesome. So I’m not rich, but I’m getting by. And positive feedback is a huge confidence booster as well. πŸ™‚ I have also finally started working on my professional site (that’s one of the things on my never-ending To Do list). Once I have that up and running, and my PPH profile jazzed up as well, I will be the Über-Translator! *lol*

Thaaaat’s more or less it. Being moderately sociable as well – went for lunch with ex-colleague yesterday, going for coffee with course people on Wednesday and (apparently) for tea with someone from OKcupid on Tuesday! Huh, I just noticed I have a massive bruise on my hand. Ah well. I think it’s time for bed. Then tomorrow I am going to do some serious copywriting, yes I am! (Seriously tho. I was gonna finish the articles early and maybe do some more, but I don’t quite see that happening anymore and I really should cuz more work = more money, right? How stupid of me to just refuse easy money. Who does that??? Exactly. Must get started on them ASAP. Definitely not tonight tho. *lol*)

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