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I’ve been meaning to write about weight loss for a while, but tonight I do not feel inspired so I’ll write about other stuff that’s been going on. You know, general life update.

I last wrote over a month ago. Most of that month was spent working. That’s what it’s felt like anyway. I’ve just completed that project so am now pretty much jobless again apart from occasional copywriting, which is nice as I can finally do all the things I’ve been meaning to do, but also not so nice cuz I am still broke. *lol* Damn all those March bills! (Cuz I moved in March y’see.) The job was ridiculously boring anyway so I don’t know if I’ll actually be going back if/when it starts up proper (which won’t be for another two months at least, I reckon). But I sure as hell won’t “quit” just yet. :))

These are my immediate work-related plans:
– get a proper site running for translation/copywriting and try to get some more jobs
– make things and maaayyybe sell them. I have ideas for things I can make! I just need to… make them? Yeah! *lol*
– maybe keep half an eye open for “normal” jobs too.

Non-job-related I had a Mon and Jimmy and baby visiting! I didn’t take any photos apparently, cuz I’m stupid. Mon and Jimmy did tho. 😕 Anyway, they were only here for like half a day, but it was great! They must come back! 😀 Then I might kidnap Mon. I can keep her along with Maria Mena and Laleh in my wall closet. My little Scandinavian collection. ;))

It was also Easter at some point and I got a bit of non-job-stuff done and made another phone pouch that I’m quite proud of. And last weekend it was finally warm and sunny (OMG) so I went for a muddy ride on my Roger. It was amaaaaaazing and I love my Roger, tho my hip doesn’t. But I’m not giving in to my hip. I will vanquish it!

Oh yeah, and I’ve decided to stop going to counselling, which I guess is a big thing. Two and a half years! Did I mention I have a personal trainer now? So apparently I’ve moved on from fixing my head to fixing my body. What will come after that?!? (My head isn’t completely fixed yet, but I think I’ve gone as far as I can at this point in time. And it’s been quite a journey.)

These are my other upcoming things:
– P!nk in eight days
– Paris mid-May
– New York (incl. tattoo) in early June
– Alexandra coming in July, and maayybe me doing a Europe tour? Maybe. Honestly don’t know yet.

And here are my wishes:
– better weather pretty please
– increased cooperation from my hip & knee

Can’t think of anything else, which I guess means my life is generally pretty good! 😀

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