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Posted on February 2nd, 2013 @ 23:03 in Uncategorized

Kim Wilde is kinda cool. I created a playlist of her Close album on Youtube the other day, want it? I used to have that on tape back in the 80es, so it brings back memories. 🙂 Oh, also fun, tho different decade: Paula Abdul – Rush Rush. Young Keanu! 😀

So what are my news? I am still eating little, tho unfortunately my hips (especially my right one) are currently preventing me from doing any exercise. Well, any lower body exercise, and my upper body is still rather sore from the Total Upper Body Dumbbell Workout I did two days ago. *lol* Generally tho this is very frustrating – every single time I’ve gone on fitness sprees so far my body failed at some point (usually my knee). So this time I tried to do everything right – I took it slow and did C25K instead of my usual “run till you drop” approach etc. And yet again my body fucks me over. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!? X( :((

The most infuriating thing is that I finally went to the doctor with my left hip this week – which had been hurting on and off since July last year – and she sent me for an X-ray (tho she was also frustrating in the usual “well what do you want me to do about it” GP way). So in the morning I went for an X-ray of my left hip, and in the evening of the same bloody day my right hip started hurting. WTF!? It’s like my body is mocking me! (luckily they did take both hips on the first X-ray so if there is something on the right one I guess they’ll see that too) Anyway, do you know how close I was to 5K??? Two more runs!!!! Soo annoying!!!!! :(( :(( :((

New Job is now definitely not happening in February, but that’s ok cuz I have other stuff going on anyway and no time for work. :)) Alisdair’s visiting Monday-Thursday, then Vega and Paul are coming to Brighton and we’re going to this astronomy event on Black Down; also Jana’s visiting tho I doubt I’ll see her more than once cuz I am going to Norway while she’s here. 😛 (And she still can’t have my flat! *lol*) And then when I get back from that it’s almost March! That’s nearly spring you know!

I got my first ever job on PeoplePerHour tho and was all proud! He’ll have more stuff for me to do. He also wrote me a great review (“Wow – fantastic!”) so I was gonna try to get more work, but of course I’ve been too busy having fun for that. :)) Been making loads of cute and more or less useless stuff, which as always you can see on Tumblr. Have also finally started on my rainbow pixie skirt. And I’m making a photo book for my nan. Sometimes I do some work for Old Job too. 😛

Oh yeah, and Alex was here last week of course, which was fun cuz she’s cute and bubbly, and she brought me lots of exciting presents. One of which (Steirisches Kürbiskernöl) I’ll try with Alisdair next week (they have lots of recipes on their site). On the downside, Rita has been rather annoying again (“The Internet’s not working.” – FFS, get your own then!). She did get me daffodils tho to thank me for getting her papers and putting her recycling out while she was stuck at home with a funny toe. Oh, and my mum and I are not talking again. Apparently she didn’t like it when I told her to stop assuming I do everything in opposition to her. 8-| Whatever. Grow up, woman.

Oh, and I didn’t get the charity fundraising gig cuz I said I wouldn’t be comfortable raising money for hateful causes. I did great until then tho – apparently I can fake enthusiasm rather well on the phone. *lol* Oooh and finally, I have booked Paris in May. Nuit des Musées!!! 😡 Third time in a row I’m doing that I think. 😀 This time with Charlotte! And I’ll be flying the mini-airline from Shoreham Airport and am rather excited! 😀

Ok, now I’m really done.

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