Oh it’s THAT time again!

Posted on January 16th, 2013 @ 20:57 in Uncategorized

Yes it is. Time to update, and other… times. (huh?)

So far the year has been treating me well I think. I managed to finish the Sketchbook, against all odds, and you can find it here on Flickr. It’s not spectacular and kinda, well, pointless (it has no theme or anything, just random drawings and some cheaty pages that I just stuck stuff on :)) ), but I am pleased enough that I finished it at all.

This did use up most of my creative juices – I find it hard to do more than one thing at a time, especially as I have only one table and need to always clear it before moving on to something else – but now I am done I’m working on a photo book for my nan, and then I have two sewing projects: rainbow skirt and a dress. I might leave the dress until later in the year tho when I can go to shops and spy on their dresses to get ideas for cuts. So far I’m mainly confused. *lol* (I want do do it from scratch, not following a pattern.)

Wednesday last week I went to London to go see Simon Amstell with the lovely Mel, and this was the first time we’d seen each other since 2009 I believe. However she’s still as lovely as ever (and I really must do something with her again soon. Sooner than 2016 at any rate!!!). Simon was also very cute and entertaining. I also went to see Death: A Self-Portrait at the Wellcome Gallery, which was really great (and free). And I went to post my saliva sample to 23andme, and they emailed me yesterday that they’ve received it, so this too is exciting. Oh, and the helicopter that crashed in Vauxhall today was exactly where I walked along to DHL a week earlier. Well, a week minus eight hours. Imagine if I’d been there six days and sixteen hours later!!!! *lolol*

Fitness / health / diet is still going great, tho Mon keeps berating me for not eating enough, especially not enough protein and energy. I just had an egg tho! But yeah, I may be a bit extreme in my eating habits. Can’t help it. Still better than pizza and chocolate. 😐 Anyway, I’ve lost weight, tho I don’t know how much as my scales are broken and anyway I don’t like scales. I need to go running in a while, tho it is oh so very cold and this is not very encouraging. I don’t like the cold, especially when there isn’t even any snow!!!

Been working at temp-place again (going again tomorrow in fact, altho I thought I was done for the week), plus finally got some copywriting from Old Job, and this is good cuz not totally surprisingly, New Job is still not definitely happening in February. 8-| I also have an interview tomorrow for charity fundraising, but I hope I won’t get the job cuz ugh, I can’t imagine anything worse (it’s not in the street, thank God, but on the phones is bad enough). However if I do get the job I’ll probably take it cuz I’m that desperate (then again I wasn’t desperate enough to forgo the opportunity to go home at temp job today *lol*).

Thus all my news. Didn’t do/say anything to my mum about the whole “accept me as I am” thing, tho yesterday she managed to piss me off again and I had a go at her for that (it’s all in the same vein of “I still consider you a rebellious 16 year old”). Anyway whatever, can’t change her so will just reduce contact again. If that’s the only thing she understands… (|

Ok done now! Must do dishes and prepare stuff for tomorrow and go running!


LJ said on Jan 18, 2013 at 7:57 am

We need to go running together!

Also can you remind me (email) the name of the company you do copywriting work for? Ta ever so.

Clarissa said on Jan 18, 2013 at 2:25 pm

I can’t run in company cuz I’m terrible and slow and sweaty and when it’s not going well (which is often) I HATE THE WHOLE WORLD and then you don’t want to be running alongside me. :))

Berenger said on Jan 19, 2013 at 12:30 pm

Hypocritical Cunt,

Why not join the EDL, as you now have a murderous hated of brown people and Muslims?

Hope you get raped, die from cancer, acid in face etc etc etc.

Clarissa said on Jan 19, 2013 at 1:11 pm

Oh FFS. Did you forget to take your meds?


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