I refuse to remain in regret

Posted on November 18th, 2012 @ 00:59 in Uncategorized

4 minutes until midnight, and then this will be posted exactly a week after the previous entry.

I am obviously back from Norway, which is sad cuz Norway was fun and I miss my Mon and her dogs. After I got back I went to work for a few hours and then came back and now I’m on holiday, but I’ve had a headache pretty much non-stop since Thursday morning so that has kinda sucked. I have sooooo much to do and haven’t started on anything except filling the massive hole from my old shower cable (new shower is pretty fun tho). Oh and I’ve finally put up the kitchen foil / roll holder I bought several weeks ago.

If I want to start making money on Etsy it really would make sense to get a store started within the next few days in order to catch Christmas orders. Then I could also add the store to the Mefi Mall to get some exposure. But yeah, I’d have to get a feckin’ move on, and that hasn’t worked out too great so far. I keep thinking “tomorrow…” but then I wake up and the headache is all “o hai there, it’s me again” and I lose all will to live do anything much. 😐

Other more or less urgent projects:
– Jimmy’s birthday presents (this ties in with the Etsy store cuz if it works out that’d be one/two of the things I’d offer for sale)
– bloody Sketchbook project. Actually wondering if I shouldn’t just skip that again, but then I’d’ve missed it two years in a row (and wasted $25 again), which is kinda discouraging.
– mini Christmas ideas as gifts for people who don’t get “real” gifts (i.e. everyone except Katja, Tobias and Mon :)) ). But this is optional. Xmas sucks anyway.
– Xmas present idea for undisclosed recipient (no, not Katja, Tobias or Mon. Ok so maybe they’re not the only ones that get presents). But don’t know if I’ll even manage that, it’s rather daunting. Also, if I do it’s likely I’ll abandon the Sketchbook Project.
– clean up this fucking place before Ange gets here next week and faints at the mess. *lol* And of course any creative endeavours tend to increase the mess rather than improve it. *lol*

SO let’s hope Harriet the Headache is gone tomorrow!! Yes, I gave it a name. I also had conversations with it. Hopefully all the attention will scare it away. *lol*

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