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O hai! I’m in Norway. Tomorrow we’re having a big baby welcoming party… well, they’re having it, I’m just a guest, tho I helped a bit with the preparations. But today is cooking and baking day and therefore my job is to stay out of the way. And maybe cut some photos later. 😛

We have a very full house cuz Jimmy’s mom is here too (she is a mom and not a mum, cuz she’s American). She’s very cute and we have much in common:
– we both live by the beach
– in a Victorian house
– we both like Obama
– we both sew, she makes quilts (which are amaaaazing)
She does spend a lot of time in her room tho, I think cuz she’s a bit wary of the whole hullabaloo with the dogs when she is in the lounge. The dogs should get over themselves, really (but I am glad they recognise me and I don’t have to go through that drama each time I come :)) ).

I have been for two walks with Lotta so far. The first day was very wet, but yesterday the weather was amaaazing (very sunny and not that cold). Today is also very sunny, but very cold, so I’ll have to dress warm when I go for my walk. Maybe I’ll take UFO for one too – all part of the “staying out of the way” plan. 😀

Monica has a baby now. He is very babyish. I think I’ll find him more interesting when he’s bigger and can do more than just lie around and eat. :)) He’s cute tho. This is not surprising, cuz Mon made him. 😡 I must make sure I never ever ever lose my Mon, cuz she’s very amazing (I say amazing a lot today).

Yes. What else has there been. I read JK Rowling’s grown up book, I finished it last night. [semi-spoilers ahead] I liked it and didn’t like it. I thought it was pretty cleverly constructed, esp. towards the end, and I don’t agree with the criticisms I have read (I didn’t read many reviews cuz I didn’t wanna spoil my experience) – namely that it was too sordid, trying too hard to be grown up, that there was too much sex and drugs. There really wasn’t, unless you were expecting Harry Potter. The one thing that made it into a kind of not very enjoyable read was that there was barely a single likeable character. The majority are really rather bleh from the start, and the few that you think you may like (Parminder Jawanda, Andrew Price…) end up doing (or thinking) shitty things anyway. Rowling goes into quite a lot of detail exploring her characters’ thoughts and motives, and they’re really all just calculating, devious, selfish, unhappy and despicable.
The only one who remains at the end is Krystal Weedon. I think it’s interesting cuz Rowling said in the interview I watched that the main question of the book is/should be “what do we do about Krystal Weedon?” But actually in the book no one cares about Krystal. No one (except Barry Fairbrother, and he’s dead). With the inevitable depressing ending. And it’s just kinda frustrating (and I’m sure that was Rowling’s intention, cuz life isn’t fair for the Krystal Weedons, and society needs to do something about that). I think the problem is that unless you can really sympathise with Rowling’s cause (which I can, so it wasn’t so bad, except it sucked about Krystal), you may find the book quite unbearable? She really lays it on thick. *lol* ANYWAY, all in all I liked it. [end spoilers]

Noooow I’m done. Maybe I’ll update again on Monday. I’ll go annoy Mon in the kitchen now. :]

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