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Posted on September 19th, 2012 @ 21:35 in Uncategorized

I have a phonecall in 50 minutes and am leaving in two hours… and so far all I’ve done is aimlessly surfing, which seems like a waste of time. I considered doing something creative but there doesn’t seem enough time for that. So a blag entry it is – after all I missed the weekly roundup on Sunday, writing a travelogue instead.

There are many things I could be writing about. It is officially autumn, that’s for sure. Sunny but cold. Not that cold, mind – I experimented with turning the storage heater on and that’s definitely still too hot. *sweats* I’m currenly in good cheer, mainly cuz I am going to pick up an overlocker later. After months of checking Gumtree and always being too late for the few that were sold, I randomly checked Friday Ad yesterday and there was one! Listed a day previously! I almost didn’t call cuz I thought it’d already be gone (it would’ve been on Gumtree), but then thought hey, I have nothing to lose. And the lovely lady on the other end was all surprised I was calling, cuz she thought it wouldn’t be listed until Friday (when the paper Friday Ad appears, hence the name as you can imagine). So obviously she still had the overlocker. But not for much longer!!!! :]

The phonecall I have before that is about a potential one off job. The guy contacted my via – so far I’ve turned down every job request I got (and one guy had already found someone else), but this one sounded intriguing, tho also a bit scary (he wanted to send me to Hamburg! I thought he wanted me to do phone interviews! We’ll see how the call goes). The other new job has also been going well, tho it definitely looks like I’ll be done soon and I don’t know if they’ll immediately have something else for me. They did like me tho – I’m about twice as fast as they’d expected. 😐 *lol* The other other agency haven’t got back to me… so I guess I’ll have to start actively jobhunting at some point after all. 😛

Um… what else. Oh yeah, Vega’s Paul did manage to fix my PC! Well, in the end I figured out what was wrong in the BIOS settings myself, but his inspiring presence was obviously needed. And the new hard drive not being recognised was a matter of “not actually slotted in correctly”. 😀 So now I’ve made another backup of my data (actually, I forgot some of it, but will only take a few mins). Then I can try a backup and then a sync of my old iPhone so I’m all ready for iPhone 5 on Friday, eep! Am still not 100% sure whether I’ll queue or just order online. I think I’ll go out there at a semi-reasonable hour (6am? 5.30?) and decide depending on how many people are already there. Also whether it rains. :))

[…] And then I got distracted again (ooh! shiny Internet! *lol*) and now it’s past 9pm. How time flies when you’re having fun. My little old lady was really rather old, but also cute. She had one of those “we buy nothing at the door” stickers on the front door, but did open the door for me (of course she was expecting me, but I could’ve been a mass murderer all the same!). The overlocker is very old too (it has been sitting around unused for 8 years, and presumably had some years of use before that). So I don’t think I’ll bother to have it serviced, I’ll just clean and lubricate it and see if it works as is (have to wait until I get the thread for it). It doesn’t come with instructions either so figuring it out will be interesting too! 😀

Lots of great music coming out at the moment. Currently listening to the new P!nk album, which is awesome, and I also very much like the Amanda Palmer Kickstarter-backed album (I’m one of the backers cuz I’m cool like that). I’ve been following her (and her betrothed Neil Gaiman) on Twitter for a while but never really got into her music, tho I did try. But this album is great. I might give the earlier stuff another go too. So much back catalogue to discover! That’s always exciting. 😀 Also Mika’s new album is out now/soon (it’s out in France already and in Lux on Friday. I’ll get it from Lux iTunes. Not out here until 8th October, boo!). I’ve listened to the previews and some of the songs are pretty catchy (some of the previously released/leaked stuff sounded a bit too electronic for my taste).

I’ll stop now. I still haven’t talked about my mum and that other thing that happened, but, you know. Perhaps one day. There is so much to do and I’m doing so little of it!


Elj said on Sep 20, 2012 at 10:00 pm

The overlocker sounds ridiculously exciting.

I wish I could be like Vega’s Paul and fix all manner of PCs. Oh yes.

And finally, peopleperhour rocks.

That’s about it really.

Clarissa said on Sep 20, 2012 at 10:25 pm

Yeah I wish I could too. I used to be better at this, now I’m just “meh”. 😐

I have yet to actually get a job thru peopleperhour. Well ok, I have yet to actually bid on one. :))

Overlocker IS exciting. Hope I’ll get my thread tomorrow and can start playing!


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