Does it get better? (when?)

Posted on September 2nd, 2012 @ 19:12 in Uncategorized

Weekly round up time! This week was mostly taken up by my motorbike training… I got back from Vienna Monday night, went to work Tuesday, was too lazy to go to work Wednesday so just bummed about the house, and then Thurs-Fri-Sat-Sun was biking until about 3pm each day. Which is pretty tiring, tho it can be fun at times. The test is tomorrow, I feel… reasonably prepared but still convinced I’ll fail of course. Okay, not convinced, but there is a good chance I’ll forget something important at some point. Just one missed lifesaver is enough to fail. *lol* Big bikes are great tho! My poor Spike probably feels unloved (yes I do realise he doesn’t actually feel anything at all!). I won’t be able to buy a bigger bike until I have a job – so that might be an incentive to start looking again. Tho I don’t want one before the end of winter anyway. Bike, not job. *lol*

Oh, I also finished my 100words for August (obviously), so you can read it here if you like. Heh, so funny, the ones from early in the month seem like aaaages ago now. I’m feeling pretty meh about summer being over yet again… I can still remember the hope I had at the beginning of the summer for… you know, sunshine and stuff! And we had next to none of that, and now all I see stretched ahead of me is endless months of greyness and cold. Which brings us yet again to the idea of emigrating (haha, emigrating back out after immigrating). There are two problems: I don’t know where to, and I really can’t be bothered to pack up all my shit and start over. I’m quite comfortable here in my little flat, I even quite like my little town. I just wish I could move both a few hundred miles further South. *sigh* Seriously, Britain is a great country to live in except for THIS FUCKING AWFUL WEATHER!!!!!! (which is hilarious cuz I always used to get so worked up about people going all “oh yeah, England = rain, why would you wanna move there?” And for quite a few years it wasn’t true! But these past two or three… ugh)

Also had another conversation with my mum that made me feel pretty defensive and then resentful. I don’t know if I can be bothered going into it, tho I realise that’s kinda the point of these weekly roundups. But um, yeah I can’t. So I’ll stop now and finally watch yesterday’s Doctor Who, which apparently has the scariest Daleks ever!

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