Slacking off?

Posted on August 20th, 2012 @ 00:59 in Uncategorized

Sort of already bored of this. Also it’s late. But not giving up yet!!!

What did I do? Saw Ted with counselling course people on Monday. Film was ok-ish, seeing people was nice. 🙂 I started the week very productively, writing 16 articles in 3 days in order to enjoy the forecast sunshine during the 2nd half of the week. Sunshine wasn’t quite as amazing as forecast, but still nice. Went to the beach on Saturday. I think there was also another Placebo livestream somewhere along the way. Am kinda being dragged into Placebo fanship these days, which is not a bad thing at all. Oh yeah, and I finally joined BookCrossing and registered some books, but haven’t had the courage to “release” any yet. Aaand tonight I watched The Day Britain Stopped, which is really rather good.

What did I think? Er, um… I think I’ve been in generally good spirits all week, tho right now I’m feeling a bit meh. Sunday nights do that for ya. I’ve been sleeping funny tho, with vivid dreams (not exactly nightmares, but usually not pleasant dreams). Ah FUCK, I was totally going to ring my nan tonight (one of the dreams was about her dying, heh), but forgot. Yet again. *sigh*
I also have a feeling that if I do keep up this weekly roundup thing, it is likely to mean the end of any other updates apart from travelogs. I’m not sure I’m happy with that. So may have to rethink it. But not now.

What’s next? Finally seeing Sonia (counsellor) again after a long break. Must finish my articles. Going to Vienna on Friday. Feeling a bit ambivalent about that. Hoping my hip will hold. Growing old sucks. *lol*

Story of the week: Managed to lose my sunglasses to the sea. Yeah yeah, why do I wear glasses/sunglasses, it’s cuz I’m fucking blind as a bat otherwise. Anyway, was on my way out when this fucking massive wave comes up behind me. Thinking “panic, panic, must survive” (slightly scary flashbacks to “The Walk in the Sea of 2009”, cough), I held on tightly to my air mattress… and not to my sunglasses. *sigh* Of course it would’ve been much easier to retrieve a huge green floating air mattress. (I did go straight back in with my goggles and tried to scour the ocean floor, but this was predictably pointless. They may have washed up somewhere during low tide, but no doubt by then scratched beyond recognition. The sea is a brutal beast, man!)

Picture of the week: I really need to replace my summer duvet.

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