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This is some fucking cool stuff. It will probably be obscure to most of you, and I will likely lose the energy to explain/link about halfway through, but I will try anyway. (this is geekdom3 btw)

On Sunday Anonymous (off 4chan/b/ – enter @ur own risk) staged a worldwide real life protest against Scientology and turnout was pretty good.

You have to check out this really cool account of the London protests to get an idea of how… weird and amazing this is, this clash between onlineness and real life. (please do take the time to read! is mostly pics anyway)
Shortish “glossary” of some of the in-jokes:

rickroll: sending someone a link to Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up by disguising it as something interesting.
Cake – some /b/tard injoke, had never heard of it before either.
tl;dr – “too long, didn’t read”, used on forums (self-explanatory).
Longcat (you can see a banner on one of the pics) – just another weeeiird injoke which must have originated on /b/ but has moved on since.

Um yeah this is where I run out of steam. If you want more, try

  • Anonymous on Encyclopedia Dramatica (=4chan wiki, more or less)
  • Metafilter thread that inspired this entry (re: Anonymous vs CO$)
  • Anonymous on Fox11 (youtube, kinda old) – hilarious scare-mongering news report about Anonymous on US TV (related Mefi thread)
  • Project Chanology on Encyclopedia Dramatica – the “official” page of the 4chan anti-Co$ protests.

Oh and should you want more background on the scum that is the Co$, please refer to Xenu.net. Lots more info online, just do some resarch. (I’ve just reread my own entry about it from 2003 but it’s kinda dated, heh.)


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