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Posted on July 25th, 2012 @ 00:23 in Uncategorized

Having this blag is so useful in terms of researching life events I don’t quite remember… and I am painfully aware that it’s becoming less and less so for anything since, roughly, 2009. I must make more of an effort to change that. Maybe instead of doing irregular random updates I should devise a quick questionnaire-type thing I can fill in once a week to keep track of anything important.

But I won’t do that today, today will just be random. So let me think… Paris trip coming up this weekend, it will be partly hot, partly less so. I am still excited. It is hot right here, right now as well so I went in the sea for the first time this year. Well, not really the first time, I’d tried once before, but a quick dip followed by “OMG SO COLD!” doesn’t really count. And then after that we had weeks of rain and March-style temperatures, which was very depressing.

Where is my life right now? The plan is to start looking for a proper job in September. Before that there’s the imminent Paris trip, a trip to Vienna in August, doing my practical motorbike test end August – beginning September, and a trip to Helsinki to see Placebo mid-September. I’d toyed with the idea of going to New York at the end of September, but have wisely dismissed it. I am not usually wise tho, wise is boring.

I do regularly dislike (more accurately: despise) my current job (SEO for those of you who don’t remember). I would love to quit, the money isn’t really worth it anyway, but I do fear complete unemployment and its effect on my subsequent employability. But also I guess I should be grateful for the extra £300 a month. I’m kinda burning through my cash fast.

I’m still in therapy, wavering at times and focused at others. Still largely haven’t figured my life out. Still open to magic little pill or quick fix button solutions! But I’m so much better generally than I was a few years back. It’s so nice.

Health woes: my headaches are still annoying (and no, I still haven’t been to see a doctor), my wrist / RSI is kinda acting up at the moment (so I shouldn’t really be typing this, but what the hell), and I need to get my ears syringed. And my knee and my foot… the usual ageing woes. *lol*

Oh, and I’ve come up with a new tattoo idea, which means I now have a total of 3 tattoos-to-do and no idea where to put them on my body. I will have to plan it well. But there is no rush.

Ok, I’m done. I will try to sleep now, for tomorrow there is more swimming in the sea and lounging in the sun to be done! ‘Tis a hard life.

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