Whaddup from Norway!

Posted on June 4th, 2012 @ 20:35 in Uncategorized

Soooo today is Monday and I’ve been here for three days, more or less. We have done a lot of stuff, which is quite impressive cuz usually we don’t do much at all. Here is a list of what we have done:

  • Saturday I went for a walk with Lotta. We went in a forest bit I hadn’t been before, it was preeeeetty and I took pics.
  • We also took Roxana, Mon’s little pony, to her summer holiday pasture. We were somewhat early and stood around in the cold for ages, but then all went well.
  • Sunday we went to Sweden! The day started with rain and cold, but then got warmer and nicer. I bought lots of stuff in Sweden, such as a pretty stripey cushion at Indiska!
  • After we got back, I went for a walk with Lotta again. We went to a different foresty bit that Mon had shown me, and Lotta sank into the mud and was not amused.
  • Then when Jimmy got home we went for another walk with the little dogs!
  • Monday (that is today) we went to Bjørkelangen to an estate agent and to buy a card for my mum. And to the pharmacy.
  • We went to check the temperature of the lake. It’s pretty cold, tho not as cold as the sea I think.
  • I made a coat for E.T. It’s a bit big (and I may still alter it), but nice and colourful.
  • Mon cleaned the (horse) hanger. I didn’t do much with that, tho I helped her get out the hooky things that held the mat in place. It was tricky!
  • I also (for a change) went for a walk with Lotta, to kind of the same place as the first day, but a different path in that forest. It went in a loop! It was fun.

I haven’t read much, I’m on page 90 of my first book, but considering how much other stuff we’ve done I think that can be forgiven. I even did some work today cuz I have this project I must finish. And it all worked out, yay!

That is all! Days go very fast when you do a lot of stuff. I will hopefully write another entry before I leave. If they are still striking at the airport then I may have to stay, cuz I don’t like queuing. :))

PS Mon is cute, I want one.

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