Paris – it never gets old

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And therefore I will do another entry on it. With stuff I did. Because I went to Paris. It will be short!

Thursday I spent far too long lazing about in the flat I had rented via AirBnB, mainly reading. Then I did some essential and non-essential shopping and lots of walking (I’d put it in my head I wouldn’t rent a bike until after 5pm so I’d only have to rent 3 days to cover the whole trip). Then I went to see the MoMA Tim Burton exhibition at the Cinémathèque – the main reason I’d gone. Unfortunately I had made a mistake. I thought Thursday would be reasonably empty, but hadn’t realised (why should I) that it was Ascension Day, thus a holiday for at least some of the people, and consequently it was absolutely mobbed. This kind of put a damper on the experience cuz you spent ages just waiting for people to fucking move on so you could get a look at that set of drawings, but the stuff itself was just amazing. I do so love the world inside Tim Burton’s head. Seriously, seriously love. 😡 😡 😡

Friday I went shopping again and found nearly everything I needed/wanted. Then to Musée Singer-Polignac at Ste Anne, where I go almost every time they have something on (drawings by crazy people! hooray!). This, by Jean-Christophe Philippi, wasn’t that great, tho interesting enough. And finally an exhib on Art Spiegelman at the Centre Pompidou library, which was pretty great (if very hot). The queues in the afternoon had been insane, but then by 7pm I just walked in. Yay!

Saturday I was meeting Anikó (old friend from Falco times), and before that I just sat in a park and read. Cuz the weather was nice enough for that. 🙂 We didn’t do much, mainly sat about and walked about and chatted – and also went to the Marché de la Création (I know, I go there almost every time too) at the Bastille. Theeen I went home and nursed my inevitable headache, and then out again for Nuit des Musées (which, incidentally, had the cutest logo this year). I ended up not going inside anywhere cuz the queues were fucking insane, but cycling around in the dark gawking at queues was entertaining enough. :)) Paris at night so pretty. 😡

Sunday I went to see some Peter Callesen paper cutouts at the Maison du Danemark. Check out his site, his stuff is great! Reminded me that I have one of those Xacto knives too… *hehe* Theeen to Musée Carnavalet for Eugène Atget, a turn-of-the-century photographer, and finally rounded off the trip with some more sitting and cycling about.

The End. Paris. 😡 😡 😡

PS. Some photos: one, two, three.

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