I HAVE THE FLAT!!! and other stuff

Posted on January 24th, 2008 @ 22:37 in Uncategorized

I need to be off to bed real soon cuz I have a dentist appointment at 6.30 tomorrow morning but I thought I’d give y’all a quick update about, you know, stuff. Sooooo the big news is, YES THE SALE HAS FINALLY BEEN COMPLETED, I AM THE PROUD OWNER OF A KEMP TOWN FLAT!!!!!!! I got the keys yesterday!

We’re starting the decorating this week-end, off to B&Q tomorrow to buy paint for the lounge and the bathroom (the only rooms where I have definitely decided on the colour) and then Sat & Sun Antje and I will paint paint paint! That’s about as far as my brain can reach at the moment, I have my appraisal to write so I’ll delay any more scary stuff until Monday.

Then what other stuff was there…. I’ll be returning the iPhone for various reasons (mainly battery life and random odd behaviour) – might not make a difference but I’ll do it just cuz I can! Also, the backroad shop with the cute Russians managed to fix my broken Sony… and once they had I gave them the older one too and hey, they fixed that one too! *lol* So now I have 3 working mobiles again. Still hate T-Mobile tho (oh my entry is back on the 1st page of google lol, even tho I’ve actually deleted it), but now I also hate the guy from the other store who told me 6 months ago he couldn’t fix the phone. Anyone interested in buying i-hate-tmobile.com? *lmao*

Ah yes I also finally applied for the BA Amex card… I waited until I could tick “I own…” on the application form cuz I don’t earn enough to qualify anyway. I will probably get it too late to buy any major flat-acquisitions on it, but oh well. Ah and I’ve just booked my flight to Paris 14-17 March – going with mum – which means I will need to have completed the move before then (my “moving out date” is 18th of the month) but Jana my interior decorator thinks we’ll manage fine.

Ok I think that will be enough for now. Must force myself to sleep.


PS Oh and I am mildly obsessed with the stock market at the moment… not in a “buy buy buy!! selllllllll!!!” way, but in a “how fascinating to observe” way. Just a consequence of the recent stock market crash and my having an iPhone where I can look at pretty graphs with dramatic ups and downs. Especially downs. *lol*

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