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Alright, long time no post, so here is one exactly a month after the previous one (which has gone protected as I don’t want it on Google long term – send me a message should you want the password).

I’ve just booked the latest of my planned trips for the summer and now have something happening each month until August. I love love love this excitement each spring as I plan the things I will do over summer. I also love love love summer itself! I love heat, I love sun, I love long days and warm evenings… I do hope after two meh summers weather-wise we will be luckier this year. But if not, well, I have other stuff to keep me going. And here’s what.

Berlin 16-19 March: That was last weekend. I had never been to Berlin before so it was in part a tourist visit, but my main reason for going was to see the lovely and incredibly cute Maria Mena in concert. She did not disappoint (the cuteness!!!). Aaand I was visiting friends, namely Jana from Amex who I was staying with, Antje who was also spending the weekend with Jana, and Charlotte, one of my longest-time friends from Luxembourg. Altogether it was a nice weekend, the weather was amazing, and I did see some, though not much, of Berlin. We spent a lot of time hanging out in Jana’s area, which was interesting but also somewhat… puzzling. The impression I got was that Berlin is still very much a divided city, with East and West barely mixing. This is somewhat sad.

Easter weekend 6-9 April: Ah ah, I don’t know what I’ll do for this yet, but I was thinking of going out on my Spike. I left it too late to book a proper holiday (as usual. I always forget about Easter), but if the weather’s nice I could maybe do a day trip or two to some of the semi-local attractions I haven’t seen yet, such as Battle, Bodiam Castle, and the De La Warr Pavilion. In fact that would be a perfect day out! There we go. All settled! 🙂 Now if only I was still in touch with Sue I could meet up with her too…

Edinburgh 24-26 April: Ooh, this is a month from now! Another concert trip, and I get to add Scotland to my list of Placebo countries. I will be staying with the lovely J, who is also coming to the concert with me, eeeee!!!! I expect I will mostly be squishing J on this trip, with less sightseeing, having been to Edinburgh before. 😛 (I have also squished J before, but you know…)

London 28-29 April: Not sure if this deserves its own listing, but it is another Placebo concert so there’s enough reason to get excited! Maybe I will be going up on the Friday actually. Don’t know yet. I expect I will have to sleep on squi’s uncomfortable couch. 😐 :)) But Brian… =P~

Paris 17-20 May: Eep eep eep, long time no Paris! (almost nine months, omg!!! I need to get over my travel-in-winter hangups so there isn’t such a big gap) Anyway, my reason/excuse for going, other than “long time no Paris”, is the amazing Tim Burton MoMA exhibition which I missed in New York in 2010, and am super-excited to now be able to catch here! 🙂

Norway 2-9 June: This is a dog-coat-sewing, pre-baby-birth, maybe-mini-MJ-reunion trip. Yes, I am visiting my Mon and her Jimmy and their dogs. Just the usual. 😀

Brighton 2-9 July: Ok, this isn’t actually a trip, but Alex, my Austrian couchsurfer (who I realise I haven’t blogged about, but anyway, she stayed with me in Feb), is coming to visit. I know this means I don’t have an actual trip yet in July. I’m sure I’ll come up with something! (and I’m just as sure Katja will now go “come see me, come see meee!!” *lol*)

Vienna 24-27 August: The advantages of Couchsurfing include meeting fun people who live in great places and going to visit them in turn. 😀 Haven’t been to Vienna since back when I was a Falco fan… so around 1998? That is a long time! Accordingly I am quite excited! 😀 Vienna is very pretty! And Alex is great fun!

Thus ends my list of trips (for now). I still don’t have a proper job and I expect if I list all of the above I won’t ever find one either. :)) Am currently not terribly fussed about this though. I do have an interview on Wednesday (didn’t do anything for it either! They just called me up and invited me after seeing my CV on Monster. This kind of jobhunt I could get used to!), but I am not that taken with the job as it
– offers less money than I would like.
– is based in Haywards Heath, so after deducting travel costs it’s even less money.
– did I mention Haywards Heath? I am so averse to commuting.
– is phone-based customer service, so exactly the kind of thing I don’t want to do anymore.
The only distinct advantage it does have is that it seems to be shifts, which would hopefully allow me to keep volunteering while working full time. So ultimately it would still be more money than a part time job, but it would also be less free time, which of course I could use to do lots of sewing and selling on Etsy and becoming filthy rich! (I know. Shut it.)

My courses have ended/are ending though so I really should get my act together now and devise a plan. But I like to drag things out as you know. I still have one more sewing class on Wednesday! So until then I can pretend I am still busy! (I am actually quite busy next week as I’m doing three shifts with Equinox, plus interview on Weds morning.) Anyway. Life is still pretty damn good. Let’s not think about money. 🙂


LJ said on Mar 24, 2012 at 3:42 pm

All sounds very fun indeed 😀

PS. Went to Bodiam castle last week. Is very cute indeed – see if you can spot the sole goose who hangs out among the ducks, acting like a duck, quacking like a duck and generally as far as I could make out, believing in its heart it is an actual duck.

Clarissa said on Mar 25, 2012 at 1:42 pm

You do seem to say indeed rather a lot these days, dear.

We shall look out for the goose. I feel a bit sorry for it now and I haven’t even met it yet. :))

Katja said on Apr 2, 2012 at 9:44 am

Come see me!!! (Yes, I know, I’m late with this comment.) Also, there’s my birthday in July. But I’m afraid I won’t have a lot of time, probably working overtime and maybe even Saturdays. 🙁

Clarissa said on Apr 2, 2012 at 10:43 pm

Heh, that sucks.


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