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Posted on January 5th, 2008 @ 18:18 in Uncategorized

… about my stay with Katja and Tobias. She’s so demanding. 8-| But I forgive her cuz she’s my Angel Person. 😡 😀 Speaking of Angels, I have to share cuz it’s so friggin exciting, even tho I’ve already written about it on Facebook…

… so have this first edition of Angels in America – Part Two: Perestroika (I have the first part too but that’s a later UK edition).

I bought it on Amazon Marketplace a few months back, it cost £0.62 (yes, that’s 62pence! plus p&p, but still. was like £3 in total or sth). So I was reading it this morning and saw this on the inside back cover:

How fucking cool I thought, that copy used to be in the Brooklyn Public Library, in my beloved New York!! Probably been taken out by lots of New Yorkers!!! It’s all the cooler of course if you know that the play is set in NYC too. So as I was looking for the catalogue number (I ended up finding it on the back cover – how could I not have seen it before?) I found this:

😮 It’s a bloody signed first edition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 And I got it for 62p!!!!!!!!!!!! (someone has one listed on eBay for $49.99) It’s so frigging cooooooool!!!!!!! I shall cherish it forever! 😀 (and yeah I know it’s a bit weird that a public library should have a signed copy, but it really is genuine, I compared the signature, and, well… I dunno, maybe he saw it in the library and signed it or sth, I don’t care :)) 😀 )

Ok, so with that off my chest (wheeee!!!) I can now report on my stay in Mainz. 😛

As you know I did not take my laptop so I was online about 10mins a day at most, but surprisingly, I survived. Even tho Tobias was online all the time with his stupid new Macbook. 😐 :wh

I had a great time, as always. As always we did the usual – watching DVDs, playing Playstation, going shopping, etc etc, and Katja and Tobias showed me all their latest purchases and stuff. Some highlights included:

  • We went to see an exhibition of Robert Gernhardt drawings in Frankfurt.
  • I read the whole of Farin Urlaub’s cool book which is really rather impressive.
  • We watched a few episodes of Lady Oscar, a girly anime set during the French Revolution, with Tobias making jokes throughout and Katja retaliating by criticizing Tobias’ Captain Future.
  • We played Eye of Judgment on the PS3 and I beat Katja repeatedly muahahaha.
  • We also played Singstar!!!!! Against all odds I actually overcame my singing-in-front-of-people-phobia and we did two songs. 😛 (Katja won on Losing My Religion but I won on I Try, ha)
  • We went to see Beowulf in 3D – in German unfortunately but my Angelina was still sexy. =P~ And 3D was pretty cool. Grendel was scary tho. 😐
  • We watched loads of live concerts – Kylie, Wir Sind Helden, P!nk, Amy Winehouse and Mika.
  • They made me watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show – well part of it anyway, then we had to leave and luckily I got out of watching the rest. 😀 I hate musicals. 😐
  • We went to a “traditional German restaurant”, and to a Chinese, and to McDonald’s, and we had takeaway pizza. And I ate loads of unhealthy stuff and bought loads more to bring back with me.
  • I also bought other stuff, like this cute Helper Moppel. 😀

Um yeah I think that’s it. On NY’s Eve itself we didn’t do anything special, just watching TV (Tobias made us watch Dinner for One – twice) and Tobias had bought a few small fireworks. One of which sorta blew up in the direction of the living room. :-S :)) Yeah and Kylie.

So yeah all in all it was very fun. Katja and Tobias are great. 😀 Travel wasn’t so bad either and my trick for cheap return on National Express worked (that is, I just bought a single and re-used the return from an earlier ticket).

I have some pics but they’re mostly of K&T and I don’t know if I have permission to post (and they’re currently in Chemnitz so can’t ask).

Oh yeah and finally… I took part in the Metafilter Secret Santa this year and my Secret Santee got her present a few days ago and posted it on Flickr. 😀 Is cute how she put loads of notes on everything saying what it is – and look how many tags she used! :)) I went way over budget btw – it was £10 and I bought stuff for some £8 or sth and then postage was £8.74. 😐 :)) Oh well, was fun tho. 😀 I haven’t got my present yet btw but my Secret Santa said it’s been posted.

Oh yeah and that also reminds me, finally, now that I can post this… you may see on the Secret Santa picture the small blue painting? This was a “leftover” from one of my presents for Katja this year… you see she loves blue and is a big fan of Yves Klein, so I decided to make a sponge relief for her. 😀

And she liked it! 😀 (at least she says so 😛 ) In case you’re interested in how I did it, here’s my AskMefi about it. :))

Ok so now I’m done for good. I’ve done nothing so far this weekend, tho I had many plans… 😐

Ah well! 😀

PS I (sorta) got another Raymi mention (scroll down to below the 3rd pic) and I got 12 hits out of it – w00t! :)) (remember this time last year? *lol*).

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