I went to Paris!

Posted on September 10th, 2011 @ 00:58 in Uncategorized

And I almost forgot to write about it! Which just won’t do, cuz I need to have a report each and every single time.

So. What was done. Friday (2nd Sept) we arrived around noon-ish. We really just went for walkies, to the Promenade Plantée and back. More or less, if I remember correctly. Oh yeah, it was really frickin’ hot btw, so the first thing I did after getting off the train was getting changed in a park. *lol* Like, into a skirt tho so I could pull it over my jeans. 😛 We had dinner at Aux Anysetiers du Roy, I think it is called, on Ile St Louis. Very supercute.

Saturday my mum went shopping and I went cycling. It was still pretty frickin’ hot, 32°C I saw a few times, but I still managed to do over 30km. 15.23km and 14.49km. And then later another 3km or so to get back. Anyway, in between those two trips I sat in the Parc Georges Brassens in the 15th and got sunburnt. Yay! I was completely totally dead afterwards tho. What did we do later? I forgot. Oh yeah, go shopping for stuff. And then dinner at our Italian, and I finally remembered to check its name, it’s called Osteria del Passe-Partout! Yay!

Sunday was less hot and I did some more cycling – you see, after I’d done quite a few arrondissements I decided to do them all, which I sometimes do, and I had 3 left to go. This resulted in about 20km (there’s a glitch in that thing, you might see it top left). Then I met my mum at Place des Vosges, where she was hanging around outside DSK’s appartment observing the commotion. *lol* We had lunch at l’As du Falafel on rue des Rosiers, theeen walked around some more and then I lay down on a bench cuz of headache. When it was better I cycled some more and sat on Pont des Arts until it started raining.

The end. Some pics here.

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