Paris again – ha!

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25th trip since I started this blog. Which means nothing at all. *lol* But this was my first trip in many years with Charlotte, which does mean something as she used to be my Paris partner in crime back in the late 90es. It was with her that I went 1998, for the World Cup final, which was one of the most amazing experiences ever (the French won. They were very happy).

This trip wasn’t altogether that great, due to various reasons:
– The weather was crap. Well, it could’ve been much worse, but it rained on and off, and I prefer my Paris sunny.
– I was kinda ill. Headache the first day (as usual), then probably painkiller-overdose-induced weirdness-feeling.
– Charlotte had hurt her foot so was also kinda ill and not terribly mobile

So we spent a lot of time just sitting down, and also at the hotel lying down. We did have fun tho, Charlotte is great. 🙂 Quick summary of stuff achieved:
tattoo done on Friday – pretty much first thing
– Indian contemporary art exhib at Centre Pompidou (Paris-Delhi-Bombay). Charlotte took ages and I got annoyed. I spent an hour writing letter to Cindy on the floor outside the exhib.
– home for rest, bought dinner at Monoprix and ate in bed, watching cheesy TV. Yay!
Saturday we didn’t do much actually, just walking around, a little bit of shopping, and sitting in cafĂ©s. And lying in bed feeling ill. Nice dinner at St Michel tho.
Sunday we went to see the Raoul & Jean Dufy exhib I’d been meaning to see (MusĂ©e Marmottan).
– to the Marais where we sat around in cafĂ©s
– to Montparnasse for the MarchĂ© de la CrĂ©ation
– to the hotel to rest *lmao*
– “local” dinner at rue du Fbg St Denis.
Monday I finally felt normal again. I went to see a Keith Haring exhib, did some more shopping, postcard-writing (while sitting in cafés), and walking around.

The End!

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