Paris report – May 2011

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Right right, time for a Paris report. Because Paris is awesome and my archives must be complete. Pics be here.

This was a four day trip, which wasn’t terribly productive (esp. those two days when my mum wasn’t there), partly cuz I had headaches pretty much every day, partly because I was lazy, and… just cuz.

On Friday all I did was go to C&A for a pair of trousers, go to previously researched tattoo place to discuss upcoming Paris tattoo, buy postcards, then over to Buttes Chaumont for sun-worship and reading. I think I cycled around a bit after that. Well, I cycled there and back anyway.

Saturday I did more tattoo research, then got my mum from the station. We had lunch, went to Paris au Temps des Impressionistes at the Hôtel de Ville, then basically just walked around the 6th arrd’t a bit and had dinner. Then it was time for Nuit des Musées. We saw bits of an outdoor concert at Musée Carnavalet, then went to the Crypte Archéologique where whatever they had planned was cancelled, then my mum decided to go home and I went to Centre Pompidou, pretty much by chance because it still happened to be open. I was the very last person they let in at 4 minutes past midnight. 🙂

Sunday I met my mum at the Orangerie for an exhibition on Gino Severini. He was pretty neat (I’d never heard of him before this). I liked his landscapes better than portraits and still lives (but I expected that lol). We also had a look at the nymphéas again (Monet y’know). Then some photo exhib of women on the fence of the Luxembourg, then had a rest in a park cuz headache, then “Et Lutèce devint Paris” at the Crypte Archéologique. Then ’twas time to take my mum to the station again, where there was a bomb alert just after I’d deposited her on the train (abandoned bag). They must’ve found the person tho cuz suddenly it was all over again. Then I cycled around some and went shopping for cheap books.

Monday some more tattoo research at first (aka walking in and outside Notre Dame taking loads of pics), then to tattoo shop again to decide that I hadn’t decided yet. Then I went to the Mémorial de la Shoah for an exhib on the Eichmann trial. Then, um, mostly walking, sitting in the Tuileries until I got very very hungry, food at Les Halles, and then it was pretty much time to do my final chocolate shopping at Monoprix and catch my train.

In between all of the above there was more shopping for chocolates and postcards. And cycling at various points, tho not much. The End. 😀

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