Here’s why I’m excited!

Posted on March 16th, 2011 @ 21:25 in Uncategorized

There’s all sorts of reasons for me to get excited at the moment and positive blog entries are good, and so are lists, so here’s both!

  1. Peter the carpenter is half done building my amazing shelves in the bedroom so as of tomorrow, I will have, well, amazing shelves in the bedroom! I’d been planning to do this for years and now I finally did it. Nothing better than loads of storage space for shit!
  2. Peter also says he reckons he can put my bed together the other way round (kinda difficult to explain, at the moment it’s lengthways and I’m hoping to fit it sideways in the bedroom so the space is used more… strategically? Will make it look less cramped). So we’ll do that one of these coming weekends when I don’t have things planned.
  3. But I do have loads of things planned! On Friday (in 2 days!) my most precious Thomas is coming to visit. He’s only staying for the weekend (tho I may keep him), but eeee! Thomas!!! Mine!!!! For extensive squishing!!! SO SO SO exciting!
  4. I “won” a Katwise coat on Sunday – this amazing marvel!!!! I’d already tried quite a few times previously and never won (basically she posts all her stuff at a set time and whoever makes it first through the Paypal checkout wins). This one is just PERFECT! She dispatched it on Monday so hopefully I will have it next week? She was also really cute and excited that I won it (I’d sent her a postcard of her amazing house after she allowed me to print some on, which makes me all the happier, cuz she’s amazingly cool and my was main inspiration for deciding to go travelling. Which I also told her and she was glad and said I should pop by her amazing house if I make it to NY. 🙂
  5. More fun people! At the end of the month I am meeting up with Ange and Cindy in London!! I “met” them through Postcrossing and I am super-excited to be doing the whole “meeting new people from the Internet” thing again! They both sound super-cool and I’m sure we’ll have an amazing and non-awkward time! Cindy’s coming back to Brighton with me for the weekend as well, so I can show her my flat and stuff (she already knows Brighton), and it’s just gonna be awesome!
  6. Lots of exciting travels planned, namely: Venice with mum in April, Paris with Claudia in May, Paris with Charlotte in June, and New York with mum in August! Which still leaves me with a not insubstantial amount of holidays, so I’ll have to see what else I can get up to, hehe.

I think that’s the end for now, tho I might also add that I am excited about the end of winter (DST next week!) and generally feeling pretty good about life right now. I was reading an old entry last night where I said I was shocked how much I still missed Michael Jackson every single day, and I must admit that I currently don’t. Which made me wonder why that was, and I concluded that I was just generally feeling better, and when I feel better I do not dwell so much on the negative.

Yeah. All is great! 😀


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Clarissa said on Mar 17, 2011 at 6:50 pm

Hooray, you got the smiley right! 😀


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