What I am not doing (random update)

Posted on December 18th, 2010 @ 17:31 in Uncategorized

I am not working on my Sketchbook, so I’ve decided to at least write an entry in this here thing, instead of just mindlessly surfing the Internet.

What could I talk about? The weather seems a safe topic. I don’t care much about the weather cuz I’m not going anywhere, so I don’t need to worry about being stuck at some airport, or on some motorway, or anywhere else. I can walk wherever I need to go until the new year, really. Most of my friends are not so lucky, I’ve just had to book a new flight to Berlin for Jana and her sister, cuz their Easycrap flight from Gatwick has been cancelled. Quite a few other people are still meant to fly somewhere or other. I wish them well. *lol*

Michael Jackson’s new album seems a less safe topic. I’m not even sure if I’m “allowed” to like it. If you’re a fan you’ve likely heard about the controversy that three of the songs aren’t supposed to be him, but some dude called Jason Malachi [here’s a Malachi/Jackson comparison]. One of the tracks in question (Keep Your Head Up) is actually one of my fave tracks off the album. My thoughts are… sounds good enough to me, is the short version. Some of the mannerisms are definitely Michaelish, tho if Malachi was told to sound as Michaelish as he could during the recordings, well, if he’s good then I guess he could fake it. But I really don’t get the whole “I know Michael’s vibrato and falsetto sooo well, and this is so obviously not him” at all tho – actually, it sounds exactly like him. Sure, I’m not a trained vocalist, but neither are 99% of the complaining fans. And I think this is yet again what annoys me most about those fans (it’s always the same ones) – they know it all, they’re never happy, they smell conspiracy everywhere and they won’t fucking shut up about it. Puts me right off their cause too, whatever the “cause du jour” is. 😐

My last day at Amex was two days ago, as most of you know by now. Indeed the end of an era. With Jana going back to Germany I suspect this is going to mean quite a shake up of my social life as well. If I want to stay in touch with my ex-colleagues the effort is mostly going to have to come from me, and we all know how that’s gonna go. Having said that tho, I won’t miss the outings to the pub. After doing two in a row I’ve had enough for about a year. Seriously, why do people enjoy this!? It is of course even less fun when you’re stone cold sober and everyone around you isn’t. God, some people are so annoying when drunk! Mostly the ones that are already pretty tiring when sober. That kinda stuff really puts me in a misanthropic mood. So I guess it’s ok if I don’t have to subject myself to more of that in the future. I hope the new job is full of introverted geeks. 🙂

Mhm. The slore is coming around in half an hour or so, she will bring me a budgie and a hamster to look after until the new year. This gives me a good excuse for not going anywhere for Xmas or NY’s Eve, and, um, working on my sketchbook. *cough* I think I’ll only have the weekend proper off anyway since one of the reason NewJob wanted me so quickly was so I could cover in between the holidays. Which I believe includes the bank holidays? We’ll see. Did I mention I only start at 9.30 at the new place? This is awesome as it means more sleep, tho realistically it’ll mean I’ll get less done, cuz getting off at 4pm you could still go into town etc, whereas getting off at 6pm means the day is pretty much over, and it’s unlikely I’ll get up at 7am anyway to… do stuff. *lol* We’ll see how it goes.

I think I’m out of things to say now. I have to call my nan tomorrow, fo’ realz, but today I am going to the cinema with the slore for double Johnny-Angelina-droolage. Angelina is still so frackin’ hot, why did she have to become so boring!?!? Life is not fair sometimes.

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Marie Therese said on Dec 30, 2010 at 6:01 am

agrees with the whole Michael-album-views of yours!


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