Veggiomelette galore?!??!??

Posted on October 10th, 2007 @ 00:00 in Uncategorized

I dunno, maybe I should turn this into a cooking blog!??! Apparently Jamie Oliver is opening a restaurant in Brighton after all. Ok maybe my complete lack of talent, patience, etc may be a problem. Well I’ll show for now anyway…

I made a veggie omelette!! Combining colourfulness and things-I-like…. long beans and peppers (previously tested with much success), broccoli (because I luuuurve!) and carrots (mainly cuz of the colour – I’m usually not too keen on them in any state other than raw)

All of the ingredients cut up & mixed up. Usually I don’t boil peppers for omelettes but I thought I’d just add them to the rest for the sake of simplicity and uniformity.
And prettiness.

Post-boiling. I add eggs. (would you believe it? for an omelette?!! OMGZ!)

Then I mash it all up. I’m still not sure if that’s how you do it. I’ve been meaning to watch at our Amex canteen for weeks. But they take ages, and I am impatient.

Yes I use a plate for the lid. This is what it looks like after a (short) while.

Ok and then I got kinda distracted so it ended up mildly burnt and messed up.

The end result: On the plate.

I did forget to mention that my omelette obsession originated from my sudden desire to eat with chopsticks. Not liking most Chinese (esp. cheap take-away) I figured omelette would be great for chopsticks. And indeed it is.

The END!?!?! *lol*

Oh aye and I’m back to watching CSI:NY even tho I’ve seen this episode before (I really shouldn’t cuz I’m starting at 7am tomorrow). God I love that city – so so so so much. Still. Which is good! 😀 😡

However I think I’ve decided not to go back to Paris this year (have not told my mum yet) cuz what’s the point of another ruined holiday with ruined expectations etc. Sure my mum (and I) found explanations for why NYC had been such a particular disaster but there’s a risk this might happen again in Paris and I just wanna spare us both that experience, and avoid having to go through this whole “cleansing a beloved city of depressing memories” thing again. *lol* And I don’t even know yet if I’ll ever manage for NYC. So I should probably be flexible and skip my “must see Paris twice a year” promise for once – scary as it is (and believe me it is!).

Um I think I shall end this entry here. And btw this short term entry-spewing most likely is no symptom of a long-term syndrom.

PS I’m still here and I forgot to say – the omelette was ok. Not breathtaking  (I’ll show you those next! *lmao*) but nice enough. Ok this is the end now, for real! 6hrs of sleep left – if I did sleep… perhaps I can somehow skip a century? 😐 (and it’s not even anywhere near the weekend!!!!)


Vega said on Oct 10, 2007 at 11:18 pm

lmao @ cooking blog. Monday: Today I will make an omelette. With cheeeeese. Tuesday: Today I will teach you how to make an omelette. With vegs! hahahah

Clarissa said on Oct 10, 2007 at 11:41 pm

How rude :no

My obsessive phases tend to change. So after 2 months of omelettes I could switch to 2 months of pasta. 😀

Altho my pasta phase was in spring. I wonder what will be next…. see how exciting it could be!? :))

Vega said on Oct 11, 2007 at 11:30 am

LMAO! I would add your blog to my feed reader. Promise. (well, I would if you HAD one, damnit!)

Mel said on Oct 15, 2007 at 4:31 pm

Someday I’m going to make an omelette. I’ll need to buy one of those flat pan thingies first to cook it in.


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