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Posted on September 10th, 2010 @ 12:13 in Uncategorized

Here’s another cheaty entry for I am posting it with a fake timestamp so it’ll actually get posted tomorrow when I am in Greece. More specifically Thessaloniki. (which means, as you are reading this, I wrote this yesterday! *lol*)

I don’t actually have much to say but I thought it would be good to have another entry five days after the previous one. That seems like an acceptable timespan. Yay, I am blogging more again! Tomorrow is my birthday and I am turning 33. That is around the age Jesus was when he died. Officially. It’s also the age my mum was when my dad moved in with us. It’s also a palindrome, tho not a very exciting one. I hate being in my thirties. Can I go back to mid-twenties and start again from there? I promise I’ll do things differently this time. Tho that would mean having to go through my dad’s death again, that doesn’t sound so tempting.

I’ve not done a password protected entry in a while. Last night I found and re-read my daily diary sheets from when I was in treatment in January, maybe I’ll scan and post those some time. I also wrote my lifestory back then and could also type that up and post it, just for the heck of it. Or record it! Maybe next week-end, when I have nothing to do. Tho I could go to London and protest the Pope. But I don’t actually feel the need to do that. I’d much rather protest the Qur’an burnings in Florida. What a stupid, offensive, idiotic, enraging thing to do!

Whenever I hear of Harriet Harman (current leader of the Labour party), I think “wait, what, isn’t she fictional?” But that is of course Harriet Jones, who becomes Prime Minister in Doctor Who. Doctor Who, who, incidentally, will be back around Christmas. Yay! One thing to look forward to! Apparently Scott Mills has already started the Christmas countdown on Radio 1. Ugh! Summer’s not even officially over yet.

The weather forecast for Thessaloniki isn’t that great anymore (heavy rain on Sunday), but it’s still gonna be very hot and Aspasia is planning to take me swimming. She’s also taking me to Kavala, which is where she’s from originally and where her family lives. Whom I will then have to meet, how scary, I don’t think they speak any English. It looks very pretty tho.

Oh, there used to be a large Jewish population in Thessaloniki. 56% of the population in the late 19th century! 0.27% now. Nearly 98% of the total Jewish population of the city died during the war. Only the Polish Jews experienced a greater level of destruction. [wiki] How terrible. Ugh, I shouldn’t think about the Holocaust, it’ll just make my head go all mad again.

I got my iPhone bumper yesterday but I’ve already removed it again. It makes my iPhone all big, and difficult to fit into my cute socks! Did I mention I have to get up at 2.30? My plane is at 5.50, dreadful, but because it’s quite a long flight and there’s a two hour time difference, I couldn’t get a later one. Oh, and there’s only one a day anyway. *lol* It’s Easycrap, which I am not too keen on, but no BA on Fridays. I hope my manager will approve the days I’ve requested off in October and November cuz I’ve already booked my flights. I was going to email him to ask (he wasn’t in today) but I forgot. So, well, he better! Oh, and just in case some of you had missed on Twitter and/or Facebook what other exciting things I have planned this year, here it is again:

  • Thessaloniki Sept. 10-13 – that’s now! Aspasia! And Placebo!
  • Paris Oct. 1-3 with my mum. Our “annual September trip” – a bit late. *lol*
  • Germany Oct. 15-18 to visit Anna in Cologne, Tobias in Mainz and Katja in Frankfurt.
  • Rome Nov. 5-8 – general sightseeing trip, but staying with the lovely Claudia. 🙂


Aaand that’s it… for now, cuz even with all of that booked I still have another twelve days of annual leave left. I can carry over five of those, so I need to use another seven. What to do, what to do? I’m going to London to get my passport renewed in two weeks, so maybe I should celebrate that with an extra-European trip. But where to? Would have to be somewhere waaayy South so that it isn’t freezing cold. Botswana? 😀 Wish I had someone to go with. Why are all my friends poor and/or non-adventurous?

Oh, but not listed above is another extended London trip to see Placebo twice in a row. One of which will be filmed. And “other surprises”, tho they still haven’t told us what they are. I am hoping for a special guest such as David Bowie (drool) or Michael Stipe (double-drool). More likely it will be a boring guest like Har Mar Superstar =)) or VV from The Kills (yawn). Seriously, how cool would it be to have Michael Stipe tho? Him and Brian should get together, they’re so cute.

Huh, Rape Me (Nirvana) was co-written by Michael Stipe? Well, you learn something new every day. For a great Michael Stipe collaboration I recommend In The Sun with Coldplay. I luuurve this song and I am not a big Coldplay fan. Of course, Broken Promise with Placebo is almost better. Hmmmm Brian and Michael. =P~

Ok, I’ll stop here, I’m rambling anyway. Time for some more panicked packing, and then for bed!!! Good thing I can sleep almost anytime, anywhere.

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