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Posted on August 27th, 2010 @ 23:45 in Uncategorized

Almost forgot about this again. Good thing I have brought my Macbook, faster to type on here than iPhone.

Sooo I am in London staying with Alisdair for the bank holiday weekend, which isn’t a bank holiday for me at all cuz I have to work on Monday. Tho I came here today so it’s kind of a shifted bank holiday. Except of course every weekend is like that for me. Cuz I don’t work Fridays, bitches!!!

Alisdair and his gang have moved, in case you weren’t aware (most of you won’t care anyway I know). They now live in Tooting Bec, I’ve explored it a little bit (well, really just the main street off Alisdair’s when I went shopping) and it’s nice enough. The house too is nice, massive rooms for all of them except poor Amanda who lives in a broom closet (not quite, but almost), and lots of space to explore for Jaspercat. The street itself is very suburby, I’ve been told there are even foxes (and associated fox poo).

I have bought an iPhone dock on a whim, this Philips one which was only £49.99 at Argos. Not sure what I need it for, maybe for listening to music while doing the dishes, which happens about once every fortnight. *lmao* It has a very nice sound tho – remarkably loud and clear for something so small. No remote unfortunately, but the fact that it takes batteries was more important to me (tho again I’m not sure why).

Aaand that brings us to the end of this broadcast. It’s cold here btw. Bloody winter weather in August! Tomorrow hopefully I’ll take pics or even do the video I officially came here for – for now you’ll have to make do with this tacky garden decoration pic.

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