I promised you a long post!

Posted on August 25th, 2010 @ 22:26 in Uncategorized

Of course I will cheat again – however I have posted (well, am currently in the process of uploading) a ton of (i.e. 54) Cornwall photos to Flickr, and that better count as an entry too cuz I spent bloody ages on it! So off you go and read it all, and look at all the pretty pictures!

I won’t add much else about the trip. It was rainy some of the time, but also nice some of the time (I think it was pretty much 50/50). Cornwall is pretty, but has annoying narrow roads where you keep having to wait for other cars to pass etc. I also scratched the car door trying to manoeuver out of a very narrow hotel car park, so I am very glad I took the zero excess insurance option. I let my mum drive for a bit on the way back tho and it made me so friggin’ anxious I had to take over again. *lol*

Generally I found it pretty difficult again being with my mum 24hrs a day (seriously, if you don’t snag a moment here and there you won’t be out of each other’s sight, like, ever. well, only if you go to the bathroom). Next time it’ll be cheaper hotels but two rooms. *lol* The posh hotels were very nice tho I have to admit, tho I never got to use their spas or swimming pools. 🙁 But I guess that’s not what we went for. *lol*

Er yeah. Now I am back home and I have tons to do, which is why I am currently doing none of it. I’ll start tomorrow tho. And August is almost over which means soon no more BED (which is BEDA without the A, and doesn’t mean that I will be sleeping on the FLOOR from now on). It also seems that summer is over which is of course very depressing, but on the bright side it’s only about two weeks until I’m off to Greece for a few days, where I’m hoping for better weather, and regardless I will be seeing my beloved Brian again for drooling purposes. Concert No. 25, plus it’s on my birthday. 😀 😡 Maybe I should take a big sign pointing out both of these facts and Brian will congratulate me? Tho he never interacts with the crowd in any way.

I had a dream about Placebo last night. I went to see them again in Luxembourg and there weren’t very many people at all (which is unlikely cuz Luxies love Placebo) and so we were actually sitting in front of the stage and he did interact with us and he gave me something, tho I can’t remember what. And later we went to get snacks and I paid for his cuz I’m nice like that. Oh man, if Placebo ever stop touring I might as well kill myself. My (only vice and my) last remaining pleasure… I remember when we went to see them in Arras last summer Amanda commented on how I still looked so elated and happy, she had expected me to be all blasé and “yeah whatever” about seeing them after over 20 shows. She misunderestimated my obsession.

Enough about Placebo. I had something to say about Michael Jackson too but I’ve forgotten it now. I’ve missed him rather a lot these past few days, funny how it comes in waves. And I’m still not past the “I can’t believe he’s dead” stage. You know, where you get these pangs of realisation that he’s gone and will never actually be part of this world again. Ugh. Anyway, can’t remember what else I was gonna say, probably sth about the fans and their reaction to… everything, and how tiring, if predictable, it is.

When I mute the music there are scary noises. I should probably go to bed now. This post has turned out quite long after all.


Marie Therese said on Aug 26, 2010 at 6:32 pm

My heart stops everytime I read that he’s dead. When will I realize? Not only fans though, people in general also have a heard time understanding it. It’s nothing to understand really :'( <3

Marie Therese said on Aug 26, 2010 at 6:33 pm

*…have a hard time* was what I meant, whatever, lol


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