Posted on August 12th, 2010 @ 21:31 in Uncategorized

Predictably short. too tired & headachy to make it to my mum’s laptop, so this is an iPhone update and iPhone updates are hard-going.

I am in my old bed in Luxembourg. my childhood bed, tho strictly speaking it’s more like my late teen bed. this WordPress app doesn’t deem it necessary to capitalise words after a full stop, and I am too lazy to manually correct it each time. gives the entry character.

I had a nice dinner at a Thai restaurant with my mum and my friend Caro. can’t complain there. could complain about a lot of other things tho!

I’ve found some fun clothes I didn’t know I had. my suitcase may not be big enough for all the stuff I wanna take back to Brighton. I’d love to take my Harry Potter books too, but they’re so so heavy.

anyway. colmar tomorrow. and placebo. wow, can’t believe it’s only a day to go now, seems unreal. am not currently excited, but that may be due to my extreme exhaustion. tomorrow I will be fit (& non-headachy! please??) and will have a smashing time! I’m sure of it. goodnight!

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