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Posted on August 10th, 2010 @ 22:51 in Uncategorized

I need to get back to my book. I still have that half-written text somewhere, but I’ve already started hating it, so it’s looking less likely you’ll ever get to see it. I’m on the third Jasper Fforde book now, the best of all in my opinion, The Well of Lost Plots. I absolutely cannot recommend this book enough, tho it really is best to start with the first in the Thursday Next series, The Eyre Affair. Then the second, then Well of Lost Plots, then there’s two more which I expect I will read next, and then unfortunately it ends, but there’s other Ffordes in a similar spirit, tho sadly no Thursday Next.

I got my Amazon book order today, which also contains a Fforde, but I won’t tackle that until I’m re-done with Thursday. Books are great. Reading is great. I haven’t done nearly enough reading recently, so am very pleased I seem to be getting into it again. Tho of course this interferes with my BEDA – reading and writing, can’t give both my full attention. I’m still pretty good at sleeping tho. Reading and sleeping are easily combined. Read a book, fall asleep. Wake up, keep reading.

I got woken up by a policeman earlier. He wanted to know if I knew someone from the area of Turkish or North-African origin. Since I was still half in lala-land I didn’t ask (or care) what it was about, tho thinking about it, it all seems a bit odd. What if I had known someone who fit that description? And how far do you stretch it? I know someone of half-Persian origin who could certainly be mistaken for Turkish or North-African depending on the circumstances, should I have mentioned that? Or only if I suspected him of a crime? But maybe they weren’t interested in crime at all? Maybe they were just curious? But he seemed to just be going through the motions anyway, not genuinely interested.

I’m talking nonsense, I should go. Only one more update before I’m off to Luxembourg, not sure how updating will go from there since I’ll have to steal my mum’s computer for that. Well, and I’ll be in France and Internet-less on Friday… tho I guess I can incur some roaming charges for the sake of BEDA continuity. Should be worth it for excited Brian-gushing. Aah Brian my love, it has been far too long…

PS. Thanks to the latest iPhone sync, my Top 3 artists of the last 7 days are now Lady Gaga (73), Eminem (17) and Pink (12). I think that’s not correct tho cuz Eminem and Pink were on our trip to Oxfordshire, which was more than a week ago, but counts as more recent because synced more recently.

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