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Posted on August 4th, 2010 @ 22:57 in Uncategorized

I didn’t have a nap today. I am proud of myself. This means I am more or less ready for bed now tho, so this here will be a short BEDA entry. But I’m still doing it! And the weekend starts tomorrow at 4pm, and then I will have plenty of time to write more meaningful stuff, right?

I still have a non-zero number of draft entries which may be modified into something publishable. This would be as good a time as any to dig them up, right? Most of them will be rather dated tho I suppose. I wrote one about Elizabeth Alexander, you know, the poet who read at Obama’s inauguration. I still like the entry but one of the most important links is dead / blocked, so that makes it pointless. I urge you to (re-)read her poem tho, even 18 months on it’s still poignant and beautiful.

Oh, this is interesting. I wrote in that old entry: I’ve said I didn’t like her rendition of her poem. She enunciates too much. Pauses too much between words. I thought they may have coached her to do that because of the acoustics. But Youtube tells me she does this a lot and she says something about that in this Youtube video [link to exact timestamp].

I need to go to bed now. I leave you with Pink’s amazing Runaway. Still love that song to bits. (and no, not currently thinking about running away. well, not all the time anyway.) Similar theme, different perpective – Michel Sardou – Je Vole . And finally, another running away song – ABBA – I Wonder (Departure).


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