I’m a bit stupid, me

Posted on August 3rd, 2010 @ 23:55 in Uncategorized

I’ve just stubbed my left pinky toe on my desk. It’s kinda painful. And that’s about a week after stubbing my right pinky toe on my sofa. Which turned very blue and was very painful. And you know how people always say “well, if you were wearing slippers?” (at least my parents always did). Well, I was! But they are soft ones. Does one even say “pinky toe” or does that only apply to fingers? Well helpfully, Wikipedia even offers a picture of a stubbed pinky toe. *lol* Mine doesn’t look like that tho. Less blood and more bruise.

Well, what else could I talk to you about tonight? I’ve just had a five hour nap, which was a bit stupid too, cuz now I’m wide awake at almost midnight. But I guess I can watch a few hours of Ally McBeal before returning to bed.

I can talk to you about horrible sounds. Do you have any that make your skin crawl? For me it’s the classic screeching chalk on blackboard and (relatedly) screeching cutlery on plates. There is a lot of screeching cutlery in big canteens, e.g. at work. Very annoying. I had to flee during lunch today. My dad used to hate the sound of fingernails on nylon tights. And for my father it was the sound of drinking the last drops through a straw. You know, that gurgling sound.

Tobias thinks I should write a book about my father. You know, novel style. That it would be entertaining drama, since he got up to so much… crap. Maybe now that he’s dead I’ll feel less emotional and get less wound up about him, but I still don’t know if I could write a book about him, especially an entertaining one. But maybe I should start jotting down some notes and stuff. Yeah, right. I still have three aborted novel attempts from last year’s Nanowrimo. Maybe I should post those as entries and then my readers can turn them into novels. 😀

Haha, in one of my aborted novels I’d won the green card lottery. Well, my protagonist, who is loosely (lol) based on me, did. I can officially announce that in the real world I still haven’t, and the 2011 results should be out by now. I could go and check if any Luxembourgers won, but that would make me frustrated. I will just keep trying and one day it will be my turn, yes it will! Oh look, you can even go check your own status, which gives me: “Based on the information provided, the Entry HAS NOT BEEN SELECTED for further processing for the 2011 Electronic Diversity Visa program.” But the full list of entrants by country hasn’t been released yet. Not that I care. *humph*

I’m not sure how this BEDA thing will go. I was reading back on last April’s entries, I wrote a lot of short, not very substantial ones. But I also did a childhood update (after the first one in 2006, lol). There is still a lot to be written about my childhood… about horses, secondary school, my parents, my father… maybe I’ll manage one of those this month. Don’t hold your breath tho!

Well, I’ve written mainly about “non-written” stuff today, and maybe that’s an indicator of what’s to come. :)) So I’m going to post this now, with an amended pre-midnight timestamp. My toe really hurts. 🙁

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