B is for…

Posted on February 23rd, 2010 @ 22:00 in Uncategorized

Right, second day and I’m still going strong! Yay! And again I have two things on offer, tho one is old too.
NB This is part of my Part of my ABC Project, more info here.

… Book

B is for Book

Another quick and dirty job – took me maybe 15mins in total. It’s semi-sturdy tho! And has almost encouraged me to maybe do this properly one day. (I meant to do this Envelope Book off Instructables as a present for Monica ages ago but then got scared).

… Brighton

B is for Book


Brighton Pier. Pic originally taken 23/01/07. This was a Tuesday, and I was unemployed.
Brighton was an obvious choice. I was gonna go out and take a new pic after work, but then it rained. *cough*

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