Norway report XIII

Posted on January 4th, 2010 @ 21:55 in Uncategorized

As this blog is as much for my own records as anything else, here is my entry about my Norway trip 31Dec09-04Jan10.

It was very cold and very very snowy, which was nice, but the cold and my inadequate clothing meant that I was not that inclined to go outside. We did on the 3rd day though, we went for a walk so we could take some pics (tho Mon didn’t take any), and then we went sledding which was great fun but I quickly had snow all over me and inside my clothes so it was cold. But still great fun.

The rest of the time we did our usual hanging about, I read American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld, and was online a lot and played with the dogs and even played Sims Castaway once. And watched six episodes of Dexter in one day. I got late Birthday presents which were green bathroom stuff (hey, my first ever Monpresents in 2003 were green bathroom stuff too! Most of which I still have), and my Christmas present was a bottle of wine shaped like a cat, and an iTunes gift card. Yay, iPhone apps! 😀

New Year’s Eve we didn’t do anything much either, Kanutten was scared, Lotta less so and ET not at all. We had turkey dinner with Mon’s mum once, and they had fancy dinner with Mon’s uncle & stuff once so I got fancy food too, which I took a photo of.

And now I’m on my way back. This was my 13th Norway trip I think, and it was nice. 🙂

(yes I’m aware this sounds like a kid’s “what I did on my holidays” essay, which is not entirely unintentional)

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