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Posted on July 26th, 2009 @ 17:04 in Uncategorized

They have gone to walk the dogs. I cannot walk dogs cuz I need to rest my foot. I did however go for a bike ride earlier, 14km, 40mins, which was very nice, if exhausting (uphill, downhill, uphill, downhill…), and Mon’s saddle is very uncomfortable (even worse than the one that came with my bike). Her gears are heaven tho, I wish mine worked that well.

I’m in Norway in case you hadn’t realised lol. Just thought I’d add that for the sake of clarity. Been here since Friday, so this is my third day, which means I’m over half way through the holiday, which sucks. They just go way too fast, these Montrips. Well, any trip really. Luckily I have a Toma and Pride to look forward to. 🙂

We went to see horse yesterday and today, and we need to go tomorrow and the day after too, for I have had the great honour bestowed upon me to practice lifting hind feet with her. She’s not too keen on that, and Mon is not too keen on trying. :)) The weather’s kinda shitty tho, sometimes it’s nice and sometimes it rains, and you never see it coming, so it rained both times we were at the horse’s.

Yeah, apart from that we’ve really not done anything at all, been online loads, sitting on the sofas with our respective laptops, and watched TV. And slept. Sleeping is great. I’ve been doing alright with regards to healthy eating, not as healthy as back home but I’m still mainly concentrating on fruit and veg as snacks. Only bought one mini bar of chocolate, and cheese and my Italian stuff cuz I couldn’t resist.

I think this’ll do for an update, I’m gonna go back to my self-help book which I have to read otherwise the people at the yoga school are gonna keep bugging me (it was written by the founder of this whole thing). Luckily it’s quite an easy read and only 160 pages. 😛

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