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I am feeling fantastic!!! That makes it quite easy to post in here, because there is only lots of exciting stuff to tell and everything is great!

I need to make it short though cuz it’s late and I must sleep. I have barely been at home since I last wrote, so my keeping busy plan is working quite well. So on Saturday I did indeed go to yoga (not tai chi lol) with Sarah – it’s a special kind of yoga but I’m not gonna link to it cuz I can’t be arsed with certain people picking it apart and telling me it’s crap and useless etc. I’m liking it a lot so I’ve signed up for six months (I had an official introductory session yesterday). The great thing is they have courses many times a day and I can go to as many as I want and basically drop in all the time. I went again today, the session was at 7.00 but I had another short 1 on 1 intro from 6.20, and I didn’t get back out until after 10, so basically spent almost 4 hours in there.

It’s really wonderful, it’s something to do, gets me out of the house and meeting people, it’s exercise, and it is intended to help me become a more relaxed person, less negative, cope better with stress and anxiety, be more open towards other people etc etc. And though I’m usually quite skeptical towards holistic approaches, I actually seem to believe in this. Like, I’ve not only decided to believe in it, but I actually manage to on a deeper level as well. I know I can do this, I really want to do this, and imagine if I did become a happy and balanced person how amazing my life would be! The mere fact that I actually believe in this – more than I ever did with therapy – is just such an exciting feeling. I don’t mind if it takes a year or more to really benefit from it.

Yes and then there’s cycling, I’ve not been as much as I wanted – I was gonna go after the session today but didn’t realise it would be so long. I did go yesterday, first to the Marina then all the way to Shoreham beach and back, around 18km in total. I also went on Sunday, cycled all the way up Dyke Road which is constantly uphill. I went up Terminus Road as well which is this really steep hill behind the station. I was absolutely exhausted when I reached the top but felt amazing. As you can tell I am so loving the cycling still.

As for other things… well, I spent all of Saturday with Sarah, after yoga we watched a movie, then went shopping all over Brighton (and stole tomatoes from the tomato plants at Homebase, and went to Aldi and I bought loooaads of healthy stuff), then walked the dogs at Shoreham beach in the rain (pics on Flickr), then went back home and then Jana came home and then Antje and her boyfriend Yannic came for dinner and I stayed a bit but got kinda bored kinda quickly, too many people, too much smalltalk, so I came home.

On Sunday I started out by cleaning the flat, I had all this energy, it was amazing. Then the above mentioned bike ride, then met up with Sarah & Jana at a café, then Jana and I went home and saw on the way that Sarah’s van had been clamped so called the clampy company and stuff, in the end he couldn’t do anything cuz a) we didn’t find her keys and b) since her ticket was not visible she was in the wrong anyway. But was funny cuz this was the “Ethical Parking Company” or sth and I’d seen their vans around before and wondered what the ethical was all about and the guy was like “don’t ask!” lmao.

Theeeen we walked the dogs again, went for ages, like 2hrs or sth. We argued a bit as we’re wont to do (after almost a whole weekend with me Jana has now finally realised that us going on holiday together is not a good idea lol) and my feet hurt towards the end but altogether it was great. Yeah then I hung about with them some more and then went home.

Monday, ah yes Monday. (did I say I was gonna keep this short?) Monday I went to London for the o2 memorial thing. I literally decided last minute (well not literally last minute, let’s say literally last 2hrs). I did get a bit stressed beforehand, but once I was on the train all was fine, I was actually excited. At London Bridge tube station I met two Frenchies (that is, fans) so we did the rest of the trip together. Then I met with Molkoboy, then he took me to Mellie & Co and I spent most of the rest of the time with them (more precisely Mel, Ellie, Jenny, Fi, and Holly. Tiff was also there lol). I had a really nice long chat with Jenny, and also nice less long ones with other people. It was great to talk about it, the whole… MJ thing. It was great to be with likeminded people (I know I’d been in London the week-end just after, and that was also nice, but then I was still very meh so it was different). I also met Jess and Darina and Kat shortly – my very first time meeting Jess!! And some more of the usual suspects.

The experience in general was weird. Outside fans were chanting, it seemed a bit inappropriate tho I understand they may want to celebrate his life or whatever. And then Navi was there making a fool of himself – Molkoboy almost got in a fight with him which unfortunately I missed. But there was also the usual bitching, oh I dunno, it was all so strangely familiar even tho the circumstances were so very different. It felt comforting and sad and annoying all at the same time. I left fairly early on (8.30ish) and then went to Alisdair’s for another 2hrs or so, so got home after 1am. But all in all it was a “good” day and I am very glad I went.

Tuesday I went to Karin’s (colleague) who had a computer issue to fix. I managed to fix half of it – I got her router connected to the Internet, but I didn’t get bloody Vista to find the (or indeed any) WLAN. She also has two lovely cats so lots more cuddling was done, and her flat is the most amazing place ever, she collects bats (and also has vampires / Draculas) and generally it’s very gothic-decorated. I have vowed to return with a proper camera with a flash and take loads of photos to regale you with.

Yeah so yesterday was my yoga intro session and then 18km bike ride – got home well after 9. And today was overtime and yoga session and updating. Which brings us to just now. Oh, I’ve also been eating healthily the whole week (mainly fruit / veg) and I have actually noticed I’ve lost weight!!! No idea how much but I fit in a pair of trousers that was previously too tight. I don’t think I’ve lost weight in probably around 5 years at least.

Work is pretty stressful right now – well I had to write my appraisal Monday / Tuesday and have spent the rest of the week catching up. I’ve managed now however, so going forward it should be much better. And once I have found inner peace none of that will bother me any longer. 😉

Ok I think that’ll be it. I’m going to Norway in a week, did you know? Don’t know if I’ll update before then but if I don’t just imagine it will be more of the same. 😛

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