OMFG Placebo!!!

Posted on June 7th, 2009 @ 12:36 in Uncategorized

Oooooooh yes! Yes! YES! *cough* Excuse me. DID YOU KNOW THEIR ALBUM IS COMING OUT TOMORROW??? That’s less than 24hrs! I can barely contain myself! (maybe non-Placebo entry later, but I’m off cycling now. so later entry will most likely be: OMFG bike!!!)

You see, they did this very cruel thing where they let you (us) listen to it five times last weekend, exclusive fan preview and all that. Now you may know it usually takes me a few listens to get into a song or album. Well, by the end of my listening contingent (if you timed it well and skipped the already-released songs, you could almost make it to six listens), I was EXACTLY at the “I wanna keep listening to this on repeat for the next fortnight” stage. But of course this was not possible!!!!

It has been driving me mad all week! I’ve had the friggin’ songs buzzing round my head and could do nothing about it! (I must assume they’re online somewhere but 1. I am so out of touch with the Placebo fan community (always have been) and 2. I feel bad doing this to them cuz they’re speshul.)

So Monday morning it will be. I got an email yesterday saying
1. my box set had been posted (and would take up to 7 days to reach me – ack! I suspect 2 but still)
2. I would get access to mp3 downloads of the album from 9am Monday!!!! OMFGzzzz how fucking cool are they!? =P~
This of course means I have to download at work and listen all day and tell everyone to fuck the hell off and leave me alone. I hope they’ll understand.

MOAR PLACEBO OMGZZZ. They announced additional tour dates so I thought of going to Stockholm or Copenhagen in November (fucking winter, as usual). Stockholm is better (only one day off work) and Vega says she’s happy to have me, so that’s as good as decided. 😀 Must book.

But now that I am so obsessed I feel I must see them at least once more in summer. They are playing Pukkelpop (somewhere in fucking Flandern) on 21st Aug, so quite a while after Arras (4th July). And I didn’t go to see them in Antwerp in 2006 and I still sorta regret that.

You see, I am trying to see them live in as many countries as possible. Without becoming too unreasonable. (of course I could just quit my job and follow them around the globe like some freaks do with MJ….) But at least all the ones around here. But then I should probably go to Copenhagen as well as Stockholm. Which I have actually considered (so shoot me), but that sounds like a right nightmare as they’re on consecutive days, and I wanna have some fun too. I can always do it next year / next album.

God I really love Placebo, and I love loving them. It’s so fucking easy! I mean this mainly in comparison with Michael Jackson, where there’s all this baggage! (MJ being my other main “fandom” experience, at least in the online world (there was also Queen before that). Oh and there was Falco but he was dead. Well, so was Freddie Mercury. Anyway I digress.) So yeah. Placebo. Are. Amazing. (haven’t decided about Pukkelpop yet btw. I mean, I do hate festivals. oh yeah that’s one thing I don’t like about Placebo. Their fucking love of festivals. seriously.)

Okay *deep breath* The End. Biiiike here I come!!!!!

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