Life is good, life is glorious!

Posted on May 31st, 2007 @ 19:54 in Uncategorized

I have a tidy flat. Woo! Well, reasonably tidy anyway. Only one day of work left before the weekend. And did I mention I’m going to have a Charlie tomorrow? Like OMGZ!!! 😡

I have also just booked 3 tickets to go see that prat Mika again in London in December – ages away I know, but exciting nonetheless. And I will be going with two delicious boys. =P~ I shall also ask Kirsty if she fancies seeing him at the Brighton Centre 3 days before that. 😛

Furthermore I have finally booked the NYC hotel – well squiZZ has booked it for me, and it appears my booking was what they needed to make this month’s target, so now squiZZ owes me big time and I can stay at his place loads when I’m in London 😀 (well he said I could stay anyway. he’s being all lovely, like woah). That should facilitate further Charliesquishing. :)) Can also stay there before Paris.

Cuz did you know I’m going to Paris again in June? There are three things by now that I need to see…

  • Jardins Demain – what originally made me wanna go again
  • Monumenta – with my beloved Anselm Kiefer =P~
  • SO WATT! – energy conscious design exhibition

Aaand the rest of the time I will have the two ultimate sources of happiness… Paris and Charlie! 😀 😡 =P~

Oh ja, I also got another job from Jeff – designing a new site for these people – yes, beer, isn’t that terribly exciting? :)) Anyway it’s money, it should be considerably more fun than translating, and I can make it greeeeen (cuz it will be Sherwood-Forest-themed)! 😀

I should take the rubbish out. I think that’s the last thing that needs doing. Did I mention I’m going to have a… oh I guess I did. WarmBreathingCreatuuuure!!!! 😡 😀 [the end]


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Ok, later.


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