I HAVE A BIKE!!! and other squealy things

Posted on May 30th, 2009 @ 19:01 in Uncategorized

Well hello thar, quickly checking in to give you an update on my life. I have been very busy you see. Well, I’ve got quite a few things planned this weekend, and have also achieved a number of unplanned things. Or, planned, but more generally planned. Er whatever.

So first off, as I said, I have a bike, squeeaaal! I took a pic of him in the hallway downstairs but it doesn’t do him justice so I’ll take another one in a nicer setting later. His name is Billy Boulder the bike. Boulder is what it actually says on the frame. Billy is… a B-name. I bought him off a cute little shop on Oxford Street (Brighton Oxford Street, not London Oxford Street), which I actually found thru the amazing Around Me app on iPhone while ambling around London Road.

He was somewhat more expensive than what I’d planned but after looking around for weeks and only finding even more expensive ones, I decided to take him. And he comes with a month’s free service so I can go back and get all the stuff fixed that I notice during use (like the front gear… plates? no idea what they’re called, well that needs adjusted). I bought lots of accessories for him so that I ended up spending almost twice his original price. :)) But a lock and a bell are important (omg I noticed the need for a bell while cycling along the seafront, it’s bloomin’ madness!), and a comfy seat and a drinking bottle and one of those adjustment tools. Yes.

So once I had him I cycled around for ages, all the way to Portslade and back, and to London Road and back, and again to Hove and into town to go shopping. Now my bum hurts, but I will still cycle to Jana’s – that’s where I’m going tonight, it’s her and Silke’s housewarming party.

I must not drink too much or stay too late for tomorrow at 1pm I will have lunch with Jeff. He’s excited to see my bike, and we’ll generally catch up as we haven’t really spoken in ages. Should be fun. If I manage to get out of bed before that I will go for a swim in the sea. I wanted to go this evening but by then it was quite chilly and windy. And the flag was red/yellow, and there was no one else in the water and loads of people still sitting on the beach so it would’ve been awkward cuz they would’ve all looked at me. But tomorrow I am totally going. If I can get out of bed in time.

And then at 4.30pm I have an appointment to have three bats tattooed on my ankle. It all went quite fast cuz someone had cancelled, and if I hadn’t taken that appointment it would’ve been weeks. So that’s exciting too, tho slightly scary. I walked past the place on my way back from the beach and could hear the needle going and was like “ewwww that will be me tomorrow!” *lol* But it’ll be ok, I’m a big girl, me. In every sense of the word lol.

Um yeah that’s pretty much all the excitement for this week. I’ve not had time at all to listen to the Placebo album today cuz I was out all day (see there’s this pre-listening thing and you can listen to it 5 times, and it ends on Sunday night, and I’ve only listened to it once so far).

More excitement for the coming weeks and months:

  • Proper Placebo album release Monday in 8, so I’ll get my box set, hopefully signed, and maybe just maybe I’ll win one of the five golden tickets! Unlikely I know but a girl can dream.
  • Two more exciting releases are Imogen Heap some time in August and Mika… I dunno, some time kinda soon too. And they’ve actually done a song together, which I think is on Mika’s album. Whee!
  • Placebo concert in a bit over a month, train and car and hotel are all booked, and Toma still says he’s coming, squeal squeal squeal! And I’m actually starting to believe it. 😀
  • Then of course Michael concert, which will hopefully involve a Mon and a Jimmy, tho there I’m actually starting to believe they won’t come, but let’s hope for the best.

I think that’s it, nothing definite yet about NYC but I’m hoping that’s gonna happen too. Now I must get ready and leave, my busy social life is calling! :))


JarJar said on May 31, 2009 at 7:23 am

I am dreading the whole summer because of that flight, and I’m trying my best not to think about it, talk about it or hear about it. 🙁 *wants to go kill self*

Clarissa said on May 31, 2009 at 11:25 am

😐 You said when I was last there that you were less scared!

Then get someone else to do the logistics or sth, it’s not gonna book itself. I’d like to spend some time with you if/when you’re here and I can’t book work time off 2 days before cuz EVERYONE will want time off in July.

Or just give up and don’t book anything and let squiZZ know with enough time to sell the tickets to someone else.

JarJar said on Jun 1, 2009 at 9:20 pm

Yeah see this is why I don’t wanna plan anything with you, because I know you’ll get pissed off if i get too scared.


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