IIII feel as if I’m wasting (my life away)

Posted on May 8th, 2007 @ 21:54 in Uncategorized
  • My life is kinda boring right now. So I’ll make a list. I don’t even know if this theme has nice bullet points.
  • It doesn’t. How disappointing. Maybe I should make some. Mini-flames or something. But this isn’t being very bulletpoint-like, uh? So, on with the show.  
  • There’s like lots of stuff I keep meaning to write in here but then I forget. I should write the thoughts down when they come to me but I usually forget that too. Not very helpful.
  • Yeah, like the fact that I eat loads of bread these days. I’m not sure if that’s good or not. Usually wholemeal tho. Apparently that’s good.
  • Also, I am back on Google. You know, I’ve removed my blocking robots.txt file. I was indexed again fairly quickly, I thought there was a ban of a few months, but apparently not. Google loves me. I love Google.
  • Still no results for the Mika competition. People on the comments there seem to think it’s a joke too by now. Probably is. No Mika then. Kinda sucky.
  • Still Paris tho. I truly hope the weather will improve by the week-end. It’s really getting me down the way it is now. Well, I’m putting my crappy mood down to the weather anyway. Don’t see what else it could be.
  • Can anyone tell me how to post URLs on Youtube comments and video descriptions? People obviously manage, but I get a “not allowed” message when I try. 😐
  • The Placebo video is released on the 16th btw. Have I already mentioned this? Can’t remember, but anyway, now you know. Will I be in it or won’t I… ooh the suspense is killing me! (not really. I’d rather know about Mika right now)
  • I was wrong about un-busy-ness of the job btw. I am really rather busy these days. Which is good I guess cuz it makes time go faster. Tho I still look forward to getting home each day. And then I sit at home and think “what do I do now? I’m bored.” Damn short attention span again too.
  • I’m reading a fun book at the moment tho. Well maybe not “fun,” but good read.
  • Oh! And I’ve reserved the next (and last! *sob*) Harry Potter! Half price at Waterstones, whee! And they open especially at 12.01am on Saturday 21st July, so I can get it then and read it over the weekend – in one go, as usual. Wheee!
  • I’m sure you’ve figured out by now that I have made my own bullet points. Took me bloody ages too cuz I am stupid. Oh, Jeff’s asked me to maybe re-do the site of a brewery he’s involved with. Better not tell him I am stupid.
  • You know what annoys me? When you fill out a form for a quote online (insurance for instance) because you don’t wanna talk to someone. And then they force you to enter your phone number and then keep bloody calling you! See… I requested a quote from a storage company. Got an automated email saying they will respond within 24hrs. Then I got a call (voicemail) to “discuss this” and that she’d email the quote since I wasn’t answering. Fine. She emailed, I found expensive, dismissed the idea. Then I got a quote in the post. Thought that would be it. But ooooh no, I’ve had three more voicemails since!!! Jesus Christ, are they ever gonna give up!? *sigh* Might have to actually answer one day and tell them to fuck off. 😐
  • Ok that was definitely too long to be a bullet point. *lol* I made (semi-creative) stuff over the weekend. Not much, but a little. I also wrote another poem earlier, very stupid tho. Here, in case anyone’s interested, but German again of course.
  • Jimmy has saved me. Well, he has saved my number in his new mobile. Currently he’s trying to save me in the religious sense. We’ll see how he does. (don’t worry Mel, you’re still my true Lord)
  • Oh yeah and I started doing this Life skills course earlier but got bored rather quickly. *cough*
  • Ah that reminds me, I also downloaded some sleep-inducing mp3s the other day that I was going to test. I can give you a review of them later if you want. 😛
  • Ok I think I’ll make this my last item. The goodbye bullet point. Heh. So… byeee!


stagiaire said on May 8, 2007 at 11:48 pm

Whenever I’m forced to fill in a phone number and seriously don’t want anybody to call me up, I just put e.g. 0000-00000000 in it, and I doubt anybody’s ever thought this number’s working. LOL. Though at least the form works for me then, and I can submit it.

jimmy said on May 9, 2007 at 11:32 am

I think most people think they are wasting their lives away sometimes. I feel sometimes I’m being lazy and I can be doing more in my life. But that just leaves me feeling bad, so I try my best to snap out of it as quickly as I can…Maybe all you need is some sunshine. The sun will come out tomorrow. Tomorrow…That’s all I know of the song 🙂

Clarissa said on May 9, 2007 at 12:20 pm

Ja @ stagiaire, I should’ve done that. But I didn’t know they were gonna be that expensive at first – had their offer been reasonable I would’ve liked them to have my correct contact details. 😛

Mhm @ Jimmy.


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