Oh Christ, this again

Posted on April 21st, 2009 @ 23:25 in Uncategorized

I kinda forgot about this. We went volleyballing again today, it was ok, there was only six of us and three on either side is just not enough when you’re pretty shit at volleyball.

I also went to the Open Market to try and find a bike, but one shop was closed and the other one only had three bikes with the cheapest one £100. She told me to come back at the weekend. I can also go to the Sunday Market on, well, Sunday.

Private dermatologist doesn’t think it’s an allergy but something else which I’ve forgotten the name of (ah, here), he’s given me a prescription for various things, but recommended I go to my GP practice and ask them to give me an NHS prescription for it instead cuz will be much cheaper. I will probably chicken out and pay full price but I’ll give it a go tomorrow.

He also said I mustn’t scratch. Meh.

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