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Posted on April 20th, 2009 @ 23:16 in Uncategorized

I’z no longer tired. Bloody typical innit.

It’s still kinda early anyway and I washed my hair a short while ago so now it’s wet. So I was going to link to things that are fun or useful and stuff, because that’s what the the Internet is all about, innit, hyperlinks. HTML = hypertext markup language. If I just wanted you to know about what I got up to today, or how pissed off I am about my dermatological problems, I could write you an email, or even a letter.

Ages ago I started an entry called “Why I love the Internet.” This was back when I was still on Movable Type and it never made it to published status. Now I barely even remember my password to Movable Type. Oh here we go. Wow. Going through drafts on here is disturbing enough, but drafts on a blog platform I stopped using almost two years ago!? :))

Anyway. I was gonna list some of the stuff I enjoy today. Ready?
(NB there is absolutely no order or logic to this.)

  • Scouting NY is the blog of an NYC-based film scout. Personally I enjoy it more than NY Daily Photo, tho both are great sources for local NYC history. But the Scout just has more hidden gems, many of which I can’t wait to seek out myself!
  • The Abominable Charles Christopher is a pretty weird web comic… takes you a while to get into (you totally have to read it from the start) but once you’re into it it’s hard not to check in every Weds (or Thurs if you’re in Europe).
  • Keeping with the theme, my two absolutely favourite webcomics are XKCD and Sinfest. (daniel raved about Sinfest ages ago and I didn’t much like it – you really have to get into the storyline and the characters – Wikipedia helps – but then it’s the greatest webcomic microcosmos ever). XKCD is absolute cult. (I won’t pretend to get most of the math/physics jokes, but I wish I did, and I wanna marry Randall Munroe. Like countless other sad chicks. *lol*)
  • Swissmiss is great if you’re into design. CrookedBrains is also a great source for random cool finds (also check outNotcot). None of these are particularly new, but maybe they are to you. 🙂
  • I have a number of blogs I can plug too!
    Lucy Knisley wins hands down for cuteness, prettiness, creatvity and any other -ness and -ity you might wish for. (Oh, she’s a comic artist, and some other things.)
    I added Carrie Fisher a while back, she’s interesting enough if you’re into that kinda stuff. “That kinda stuff” being some stories about Hollywood’s fuckedupness, her unusual childhood (her father left her mother for Liz Taylor….), her own issues (she’s bipolar) and more.
    Philip Greenspun is interesting in that he’s (American,) wealthy, smart, and he’s got some pretty untypical views considering the above.
    Last but not least, Maureen Johnson is the reason I am putting myself through these daily updates. I have yet to read one of her books (they look awfully chicklit, tho the guy who originally linked to her from Metafilter said the book covers were misleading). Her blog is very fun – I got into her through the very entertaining Badger Diary, which you should totally read if you’re ever bored.

And thus it ends, this… thing. It’s almost midnight and I am so going to regret staying up this late tomorrow. I am stupid!!! You better make use of those links or else!


JarJar said on Apr 21, 2009 at 5:16 pm

“…but once you’re into it it’s hard not to check in every Weds (or Thurs if you’re in Europe).” Why don’t you write it the other way around, YOU are in Europe! :))

Clarissa said on Apr 21, 2009 at 7:58 pm

Cuz he’s in the US and he updates every Wednesday. 😐


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