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Posted on April 20th, 2009 @ 20:38 in Uncategorized

It’s becoming a theme innit. But hey, I gave you a video that some of you found fun, I gave you a long arse entry about my childhood, so I deserve a short “can’t be bothered” one now.

Yeah, so: I can’t be bothered! 😀 Weekends usually mess with my sleeping pattern somewhat. Not that I’ve got one. I mean, I’ve got one, but it’s shite. Has been for friggin’ months now, if not a year. I wake up in the middle of the night, usually between 3 and 5am (earlier than that if I go to bed earlier, like I probably will tonight). And then it mostly takes me ages to fall back asleep. Half an hour if I’m lucky, but usally an hour and a half at least. Or I’ll just give up and not even try, depending. Sometimes when I do that I’ll get very tired and fall back asleep 30mins before I’m due to get up anyway, so then I’m a complete zombie when my alarm goes. When I do fall back asleep within 2hrs I often wake up once more before my actual alarm goes off. Which is ok cuz it means less zombieness, but it also means I lose another half hour or so.

And my current itch (which has been going on for weeks itself) has exasperated the whole problem – there’s nothing worse than lying awake at night with a freakin’ itch all over your body!!!! I’m seeing a (private) dermatologist tomorrow tho. Not that I hold much hope, but seriously, what do you do? “I’m itchy” is so bloody vague – it could be anything from cancer to an organ failing to a thyroid problem to a simple allergy (but to what???). Judging by the amount of ointments and weird treatments you can get there must be countless people afflicted with ekzema and similar issues. But long term I ain’t planning to be one of them! *ugh*

So there you go, you got a nice rant for your daily dose of BEDA. Night!

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