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Posted on May 1st, 2007 @ 23:11 in Uncategorized

Jaaaa so I finally made that Melshirt over the weekend. First I messed it up big time… then I tried again on Sunday and got it right this time… however those Rymans transfers are really crap so it’s still fairly bad quality unfortunately. 🙁 One day I’ll make a proper one tho. Anyway in the meantime… (crappy webcam pics)

Ze front… with lovely smiley Mel 😡

Ze back with tourdates (basically stuff we’ve done together)

I also managed a bit of a sunburn – hooray! 😀

Yeah cuz I’ve been lying in the sun loads lately, cuz it’s booootiful, and I have ze beach! And I love ze beach. Cuz I’m a lucky bitch! A bitch with a beach. 😀 Indeed I’m feeling very lucky – yet again – to be living in Brighton. Was thinking that the other day too when I got postcard from Charlie from Prague where he was all “wah I’m about to leave my favourite continent” and hey – I live on my favourite continent, in my favourite country, and in the most wonderful city to live in! With a beach! It’s really rather marvellous.

Oh yeah and as Jimmy just said “Mika Mika Mika” may I just mention him again, for he too is rather marvellous. 😡 And he is close! I hope I’ll win that darn competition (when is the deadline?!?!) and if not I’ll have to buy tickets I guess. Brighton ones are rather unreasonably expensive, but there are London ones on Gumtree. Mika =P~

Speaking of Gumtree, I put my houseseeking ad up again and got another reply – Kemp Town house with wifi and a cat! 😀 Moving in with a couple, which is potentially… weird, but shall meet them and see first. 😛 Well, first I’ll find out where it is exactly, and if the room is unfurnished. But they sound kinda fun.

Um what else.. ah yeah I’ve slightly revamped my Myspace profile again cuz I was tired of the peppers. Now it’s even more colourful, hehe. Oh yeah and my mum and I may have to reschedule / cancel our summer trips after all now cuz she has to have stuff done to her teeth. 8-| It’s bloody typical innit!!!! But might still work out. Will find out tomorrow. If she bothers to call, cuz she tends to “forget”. 😐

Right. I shall go to bed now. Work again tomorrow… and hopefully nice weather again and more beach on lunch and after work. Wheee! Goodnight!


Woo said on May 1, 2007 at 11:21 pm

Yayyyy.. you can’t see my wrinkly forehead in that pic!!!! Wooooo!

Clarissa said on May 1, 2007 at 11:27 pm

:)) :hug

Mel said on May 2, 2007 at 10:33 am

:hug right back atcha!!!


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